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As you might remember, last month I told you about an amazing new album from Whole Damn Mess. It is called The Queen and The Outcast and I have been listening to it quite a bit lately. Now, I love a good love story, and that is truly what this album is all about. In fact, Don Miggs has said he was inspired by his love for his wife. How sweet is that? I, for one, am certainly glad for his relationship because it gave us this incredible album.


My Love Story

Being close to Valentine’s Day, I feel compelled to tell you a little bit about my own love story. I met my husband at a mutual friend’s wedding. We lived states apart (North Carolina and Florida). That night, I knew he could be the one. He was in the military so it was near impossible to find the time to see each other. We flew back and forth when we could, but eventually I decided to quit my job and move in with him. That was four short months after we met and when he came down to help me move, he proposed. We got married about a year later and now have two beautiful daughters. It has been nine years and I hope for many, many more!

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The Story Behind The Songs

I told you before that my two favorite songs on the album were “Anywhere Without You” and “When She Says“. I have since added “And Then We Were” to the list. Don Miggs has let us in on the story behind each of the songs on this album, and here are the stories behind my favorites.

The songs on “The Queen & The Outcast” are about the connecting of my life – past and present – they’re about leaps of faith and tough decisions to risk it all on myself, or a girl, or love. About a year ago I set out to write an album about my biggest achievement- this 11-year love affair I’ve had with my wife Lisa: I got the girl, the kids and a life worth celebrating.

“Anywhere Without You”
This one is a declaration of love and commitment to something greater than yourself. And that outro wrote itself.

“When She Says”
My wife is a big music fan. On our first date we spent more time trading songs on an iPod than anything and it was amazing. She wanted to hear me sing and I wanted to remember that feeling here, where she was bringing me home for what would become a hot evening but it always started with a song. That was the way into my wife’s heart and maybe her pants.

And Then We Were

“And Then We Were”
It all happened in a blink. I literally blinked and then we were. This is the blow by blow of our wedding day. Damien Rice sang at the wedding and DzBlowers Daughterdz is a song of his we reference. Most of my family never tried caviar and for some it didnǯt go well with them Dz…leaving caviar in the trashdz. One guess who the Dzqueen and the outcastdz are.

You can purchase the album here. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


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