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Display Geek Star Wars Marvel Case with Pops

I have been a collector of Funko Pops for a while now. It all started when I got one as a gift – and now I cannot stop. They are so cute and the perfect way to feed all of my different fandoms. From The Walking Dead, to Game of Thrones, to Marvel and Star Wars – there are so many to choose from. Personally, I have always had a problem with unboxing them. I try. And a select few would be opened. Maybe it is the collector in me, but I just couldn’t bring myself to open them up – until now.

Display Geek Marvel Case with Pops

All thanks to Display Geek I found the PERFECT way to show off my Pops in my office. And it forced me to open them up for full effect. Display Geek has some pretty amazing cases that were created for the purpose of displaying Funko Pops. It can be done in the box (4 per shelf), out of the box with the box sideways (5 per shelf) or totally out of the box (you can fit much more than 4, depending on how you arrange them). What really caught my eye with these cases was the backgrounds on each of the shelves.

Display Geek Star Wars Marvel Cases

Themed Cases

The cases each have a theme – Star Wars, Marvel, Harry Potter, even Stranger Things. Each case comes with three backgrounds, one for each shelf. They are really easy to install. Simply attach magnets to the sides of each shelf and each background. Because of this, you can easily switch backgrounds or even mix and match themes in different cases. Of course, I had to go with a Star Wars and a Marvel themed case. Two of my favorite geekdoms! And ones that I had more than enough Pops to fill the case. Plus, the fact that the Marvel one comes with the perfect space background for my Guardians of the Galaxy Pops just put it over the edge.

Display Geek Star Wars Case with Pops and boxes

Easy Assembly

You may be wondering if they arrive put together. Well, they don’t. These cases are made of a strong cardboard and they can sit on a surface, or be hung on a wall. They come with instructions, and Display Geek also has an assembly video to watch if you need help. It took me about 20 minutes to put together two cases, complete with their backgrounds. Honestly, the longest part was peeling and sticking the magnets. I was so pleased with how these came out – so much so, that I now am kind of addicted to actually opening my Pops! Which means more shelves for my office.

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  1. i've been a fan of displaygeek shelves for a while now---i have 5 and i'm an OOB collector so they're FULL TO THE BRIM!! you can fit 9 on a shelf comfortably. once you learn how to put the shelves together it will take about 5 minutes. i didn't bother with the magnets for my backgrounds (wonder woman and flash), i just set them in the back and they stay just fine. sean is a really good guy to deal with, he takes good care of his customers. i'm definitely a repeat customer, that's for sure. great write up!
    • So awesome that you have such a huge collection too! I have 6 per shelf now, but I can totally see how there is room for 9! I never thought about not using the magnets!
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