5 Stuffed Animals Every Kid Wants & Why


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Melissa and Doug Dragon Plush

One thing all kids like is stuffed animals. I will admit it, I even have a few stuffed animals that sit on my bed and the couch in my office. I asked my daughters to come up with a list of 5 stuffed animals that they have that are their favorites. It was basically no contest for them – these are their top 5!

Melissa and Doug GIANT Dragon Plush

Let imaginations take flight with this fantastic and dramatic winged dragon! With a wingspan stretching nearly four feet wide and measuring almost four-and-a half feet from forked-tongued snout to the tip of its powerful tail, this impressive green-scaled dragon with vinyl talons and horns will spark the imagination, promote creative play, and is sure to be a beloved prehistoric pal.

This dragon is amazing! My girls also have some knight costumes from Melissa & Doug, so one of their favorite things to do is to battle this dragon. Stay tuned for some more Melissa & Doug fun coming to Mama’s Geeky! Purchase here.

Mario and Luigi Plush Dolls

We are huge gamers in our house, so of course, we have Mario and Luigi plushes. The whole family loves every Mario and Luigi Nintendo game ever made – and so these are easy favorites of my girls. They each have one, but they share and trade back and forth often. They are well made and pretty darn cute. Purchase here.

pikachu plush

Pikachu Plush

A NEW generation of Pokémon toys inspired by Pokémon X and Pokémon Y video games have arrived. Both of my girls choose Pikachu as their favorite, as does their Mama. He is soft and cuddly and a fan favorite! We don’t go anywhere without Pikachu tagging along. Purchase here.

miffy plush

Miffy Plush

Miffy and her friends are all here, ready for their next adventure! These seven inch plush toys are soft, adorable, and perfect for kids of all ages. Soft, thick fabric and embroidered features. Each plush measures approximately six to seven inches tall. My daughters love watching Miffy, so this was an easy pick for them. Purchase here. 

world party plush

Word Party Plush Collection – Lulu

Another favorite show in our house is Word Party. It is on Netflix, and something that my girls like to watch episode after episode of. Now your child can own their favorite character from the hit Netflix Original series, Word Party! Meet Lulu, the baby panda who’s is the youngest out of the four. Standing 7” inches tall, this super soft plush is the prefect toy to watch Word Party with or even nap with! Purchase here.

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Word Party Plush


  1. They would love them all!
    But I know that they are into Pokémon.
    So of course, I would have to say the

  2. My daughter has a stuffed cat that she has had since she was a baby that she adores! 🙂 My kids love this show, it’s adorable!

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  4. My daughter would love the Miffy plush since that was our first dog’s name. We actually named her from the white rabbit Miffy because she was a white Maltese.

  5. I have to go back to the PIKACHU PLUSH! Some of the grandkids are already asking for more Pokémon collector cards!

  6. The rush for the Pokémon Pikachu Plush is back on!
    If I won this, I would definitely have to look for more like it for a couple of the other kids! TY

  7. Dorothy Boucher on

    I would love to win these beauties for my grandson, He is at that age where he just loves his stuff animals, and I know
    having these would put that smile on his face.

  8. Faith is all about Pokemon!!!! That PIKACHU Plush would be a perfect surprise for her….and her birthday is next month too!

  9. Sally Gearhart on

    That dragon will make an awesome gift for my youngest son’s upcoming birthday, he will love it! I got him a Ready Set Go Superhero Teddy Bear last year and he still sleeps with it. He loves that it has a mask & cape and even a dogtag, he just adores that yellow bear.

  10. They are all so cute and adorable! I would take anyone of them, but the huggable Pikachu Plush would edge out the rest of the others!

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