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Beauty and the Beast hit theaters this part weekend and is already getting rave reviews! I am excited to tell you about an amazing initiative and also a super fun giveaway related to this film. The Walt Disney Company and Dole are partnering for a multi-year healthy living initiative aimed at helping parents encourage their families to make healthier eating choices! Families can now purchase DOLE Bananas, Pineapples, Salads and Vegetables adorned with characters from Disney’s “Beauty and The Beast” to create delicious, nutritious Dole recipes inspired by the Disney film!

Check out these Beauty and the Beast inspired Recipes —-> Dole_BATB_Character-Inspired Recipes

Disney and Dole are also offering “There’s Beauty in Healthy Living Sweepstakes” where participants can answer a character-inspired quiz for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

  • One (1) Grand Prize: One (1) travel package to the Orlando, Florida, area for winner and up to three (3) guests with roundtrip airfare, 5-day/4-night stay at a resort hotel, four (4) days of theme park tickets and four (4) days/nights of dining plans.
  • Five (5) First Prizes: One (1) 13-piece Patina Vie Beauty and the Beast plate and glassware package and five (5) Dole fruit or vegetable coupons.
  • Ten (10) Second Prizes: each winner to receive a $50 movie gift card.

I took the quiz – and it turns out I am most like the Beast! Plus, how awesome would it be to win a travel package to Disney! Speaking of Beauty and the Beast fun – download these new activity sheets for some fun for the whole family!

Download Here —–> Beauty and the Beast Bookmarks

Download Here —–> Beauty and the Beast Door Hanger

Download Here —–> Beauty and the Beast Maze

Download Here —–> Beauty and the Beast Memory Game

See Beauty and the Beast in theaters now!

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  1. My character was Lumiere Like Lumiere, you have a big personality and are always looking to have a good time, no matter the occasion. At the same time, you care deeply for your friends and loved ones, bringing warmth and fun to their lives

  2. I also got the Beast, which I am kind of surprised about, because I always related more to Belle. But, it is true that I am very reserved around people at first and don’t let my true nature show until I am very comfortable around them.

    Ever bold and fearless, your uniqueness always stands out amongst a crowd.
    In your spare time, you enjoy helping others and escaping to different worlds through reading. Like Belle, your curiosity leads you to seek new experiences and your creativity allows you to think outside the box.

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  5. I am most like the Beast, too. They describe me as “you possess hidden depths and are more than what one sees.” I’d say that was pretty accurate. 🙂

  6. I took the quiz and am apparently like the Beast. Not really sure how I feel about this, lol. It was fun to take the quiz though.

  7. Tamra Phelps on

    I got Belle. It says: Ever bold and fearless, your uniqueness always stands out amongst a crowd.—Hmm, OK, lol. I’ll take that.

  8. Tamra Phelps on

    It says I’m most like Belle. That’s surprising. I’m definitely not a Disney Princess, lol. I’m a little old for that, lol.

  9. The quiz says I’m most like Belle. Well, that’s a surprise. I definitely don’t look like Belle, so it must be something else, lol.

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