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Being a mom of two young girls, nothing is more important to me than education. My girls have a lot of toys and games, but we try to make the majority of them educational ones. My husband is an engineer and so STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, & Math) are at the forefront of our priorities. This list of gifts for kids is filled with great educational options – that the whole family will love! This guide contains affiliate links.

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1. Teach My Learning Kits

Teach My Preschooler

Teach My Kindergartener is the newest all-in-one learning kit designed for ages 4+. The kit contains unique and coordinated tools to teach spelling, money, telling time and the year. Your kindergartener can master 100 spelling words, counting money, analog and digital time as well as days of the week, months of the year, dates, years, weather and seasons. Each set in the kit is fully coordinated to encourage matching and repetition. The Teach My Kindergartener learning kit is designed to be screen-free, one-on-one learning time. The kit aims to promote school readiness and a head start for kindergarten, in just 20 minutes a day. Teach My also has these kits for Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler available as well as bathtime kits! Check them out a Target near you or on Amazon!

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2. Soapets


These plush bath toys for kids are the perfect way to make bath time fun. These fun bath products come in many characters, and are perfect as a bath aid. They not only help to make the bath fun, but also help to teach kids how to clean and inspire creative play in the tub!

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3. Kid Made Modern Kits


KMM craft projects give caregivers and children the opportunity to do something together – something they’ll both enjoy. These products are fun, high quality, safe and affordable. Directions/guidance are provided, but the outcome is up to you, whether it’s a jewelry making kit, an outdoor chalk party ensemble or a masking tape mosaic shirt creation kit. Winter Wonderland Kit: This kit is a perfect activity for a cold snowy day. Create your own wintery landscape with the Winter Wonderland kit. Paint mountains, trees, polar bears, penguins and much more!

Purchase on Amazon or KidMadeModern.com

4. Young Scientist Chemistry Lab


From concocting a batch of bouncing bubbles to creating a glowing ice sphere, our lab is packed with amazing experiments that prove how cool chemistry can be! Six simple science experiments each include step-by-step instructions, plus fun scientific facts…so they’re perfect for introducing children of all ages to the wonders of chemistry! Lab comes with over 20 pieces, including safety goggles, gloves, a bubble wand and bubble tray, a beaker and funnel, pipettes, sphere molds, a black light, plus lots of ingredients for each experiment-from bubble solution to luminescent powder.

Purchase on Amazon or at LakeshoreLearning.com

5. Once Upon A Craft Kits


With Once Upon a Craft, story time has never been more fun! Each set features a classic story and 2 mess-free crafts that help encourage a life-long love of learning. A wonderful way to extend story time and encourage a lifelong love of reading! Perfect for creative kids ages 4-6 years old. Collect all 8 sets!

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6. Nancy B’s Science Club Kits


Nancy Balter has always loved science. Her passion paid off with a B.A. in Biology from Yale University and an M.S. in Science Education from the University of Southern California. Nancy has combined her love of science and invention with her passion for education with Nancy B’s Science Club in hopes of keeping kids curious and engaging their natural excitement for science! These products feature STEM based fun where the idea of educating little learners in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — creates the opportunity for open ended discoveries and education through play. Ask questions, test new subjects, and track your results with the Nancy B’s Science Club journals – tailored to each kit – that are packed with activities.

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7. LeapFrog LeapStart


Tap into big fun with the amazing, all-in-one LeapStart interactive early learning system for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten, jam-packed with key school and life skills for curious 2-4 year olds. The system works with a library of replayable activity books (sold separately) and comes with a Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten sampler book. The LeapStart interactive learning system is designed to help build key skills and challenge kids to get ready for their next step in learning. Get kids excited about everything from counting to creativity, phonics to problem solving, and shapes to social skills with replayable activity books bursting with fun on every page.

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8. Rubik’s Jr. Bear


The easy-to-grip Bear is much simpler than the original Rubik’s Cube and will entertain kids with every twist and turn! Think of it as a “training” cube.

Purchase on Winning-Moves.com

9. Brynk


Will you be able to place your pieces on the teeter-tottering base and get it to stay? Or will you upset the balance and watch as it all comes crashing down in front of you?

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10. GeoSafari Jr. My First Telescope


Discover amazing, up-close lunar exploration with GeoSafari® Jr. My First Telescope! Little ones can explore the moon with this focus-free telescope, built specifically for little hands and growing minds. Perfect for STEM learning. The 10x magnification provides fantastic views of the moon, while keeping the field of vision wide, which is essential for young children’s understanding of magnified views.

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11. 1-10 Counting Owls Activity Set


Whoo wants to count? Stack these colorful owls to match the numbers (1–10) on the branch to build early counting skills and one-to-one correspondence. Children become wise as an owl as they explore color identification, sorting and patterning, number and quantity relationships, and much more! Includes 25 stacking owls, 1 branch, spinner, and 10 Activity Cards to make early math a hoot.

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12. STEM Sink or Float Activity Set


Set sail with real STEM learning! Young learners can dive into early physics in a fun, colorful way with this two-piece submarine and floating raft along with weights, balls, and stars to bring investigations to life. This set also features 10 detailed Activity Cards (with over 20 engaging, high-impact activities) that cover all aspects of STEM, plus key science concepts of buoyancy, density, and more! Comprehensive Activity Guide with reproducible materials is also included.

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13. New Sprouts® Grow It!


A garden full of imaginative play! Plant and grow flowers and veggies right before your eyes with gardening essentials including a watering can, shovel, and 3 pots. Colorful mix-and-match flowers and veggies encourage role play and early vocabulary development while nurturing an appreciation for nature. Includes 2 flowers and 2 veggies (carrot and radish).

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14. More Than Magic


In More Than Magic, our lovable artist, Maggie Mud, is nervous to start a new school because she feels her magical rainbow powers make her different. When the other children ignore her, Maggie avoids school and no longer wants to use her gifts to color the world. Everything becomes dim and eventually all the color in the world disappears. It is only when all of the children learn to appreciate one another’s inner magic that the colors come back, brighter than ever!

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15. Wonder Workshop Dash Robot


Dash is a real robot, charged and ready to play out of the box. Responding to voice, navigating objects, dancing, and singing, Dash is the robot you always dreamed of having. Use Wonder, Blockly, and other apps to create new behaviors for Dash — doing more with robotics than ever possible. No books, assembly, or camps needed! Ready to play right of out of the box, Dash can speed around the house, lights blinking, wheels squealing. Dash comes with free coding apps on phones and tablets, Wonder and Blockly, designed for every child to program robots, and learn on their own using hundreds of challenges in the apps. Wonder even lets you save your creations to Dash to play without the screen.

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16. Sapphiro


Dazzling gems are the focus of your quest in this fun family game of luck and strategy. Play your diamond tiles to capture rubies, emeralds and other valuable jewels by matching colors and surrounding the gems. Be careful not to leave a quick or easy way for your opponents to do the same. Be the first to collect six jewels—one of each color—and your quest for fortune will be complete! Quality-made with a wooden board and tiles, Sapphiro is too beautiful and fun to ever put away! Includes wooden game board, 100 wooden tiles, 30 gems and rules. For 2 to 4 players.

Purchase on Mindware.OrientalTrading.com



Q-BA-MAZE is a unique system of colorful cubes that interlock to form a marble run. The big difference? You can create marble maze sculptures in any form such as animals, robots, towers, and geometric shapes. Configurations are unlimited, allowing for unpredictable action when the steel marbles travel different routes. Follow the plans provided in each set, get inspired by our plans section below, or create your own! Developed by an architect, Q-BA-MAZE inspires creative play as you experiment with motion, stability, physics and art. Think in 3-D while you design and build with colors and cantilevers. It’s both right-brain and left-brain, part art and part science.

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18. Penelope and Friends Dolls


Penelope, Ava, Elena and Samantha are the ultimate girl squad, each smart, courageous and fun with their own style and personality. What a great way to show girls that they can be themselves while encouraging imaginitive play. Give one or all four as a gift this year- one unique, together complete.

Penelope: The Artsy one
Ava: The Techie
Elena: The Helping Hand
Samantha: The Animal Lover

Purchase at your local A.C. Moore.

19. Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Set


Bring learning into the kitchen and get cooking with the Playful Chef Deluxe Cooking Kit. The measuring cups and spoons are color coded so children can instantly recognize the correct measurements while following the recipe cards. These detailed recipe cards are also designed with young culinary artists in mind, filled with colorful illustrations, fun facts, nutrition, extra kitchen activities and safety tips. Recipes include: Very Vanilla Cake, Egg & Cheese Brunch Soufflé, Golden Chicken Nuggets, Zesty Zucchini Fries and Super Smoothies! The gift that keeps on giving—cooking is a life-long skill that presents many teaching opportunities like following directions, measuring and encouraging new foods.

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20. Paint Your Own Stepping Stones


These all-weather stepping stones are ready to paint right out of the box, letting you skip messy cement-mixing and get right to the fun part: decorating and personalizing! A dozen vibrant paints allow for endless creativity—mix, blend and add custom color accents. Once painted, bake the stone in your oven for a long-lasting, weather-resistant finish. Display one stepping stone or make a whole pathway to transform your garden, backyard or patio!

Purchase on Mindware.OrientalTrading.com

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