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Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass hit stores everywhere today – and not only do I have a copy to giveaway to one lucky reader, I have some fun printables and a video to help you host the perfect tea party!

Download Alice Through The Looking Glass, How To Host A Perfect Tea Party

Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” forever changed the landscape of children’s literature; Disney’s animated “Alice in Wonderland” embraced this fantasy world filled with peculiar characters; and Tim Burton directed a visually-stunning, live-action film that mesmerized audiences worldwide. Today, the enchanting and beloved franchise that has captivated generations of adventurers continues when Disney’s “Alice Through the Looking Glass” arrives home on Digital HD, Blu-ray™, Disney Movies Anywhere, DVD and On-Demand.

In “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” the all-star cast from the 2010 blockbuster is back with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter who’s desperately searching for his family; Anne Hathaway as Mirana, the kind, mild-mannered White Queen; Helena Bonham Carter as Iracebeth, the short-tempered, big-headed Red Queen; and Mia Wasikowska as Alice, the heroine at the heart of the story. Sacha Baron Cohen joins the ensemble as Time, a magical being that is part human, part clock, and the late Alan Rickman—to whom the film is dedicated—is the voice of Absolem, the blue Monarch butterfly who metamorphosed from the blue caterpillar “Alice in Wonderland.”


Fascinating, in-depth bonus features invite in-home audiences to further explore the whimsical world of Underland. Three-time Oscar®-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood reveals the creative process behind the film’s ornate costuming; P!nk provides on-set access during production of her “Just Like Fire” music video; Sacha Baron Cohen showcases his quirky new character, Time; and Director James Bobin offers insightful audio commentary and introduces five, never-before-seen deleted scenes.



  • A Stitch in Time: Costuming Wonderland – Three-time Oscar®-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood (“Alice in Wonderland,” “Memoirs of a Geisha”) explains how costuming helps shape the curious characters of Underland and reveals hidden Easter Eggs within the cast’s ornate outfits.
  • Music Video: “Just Like Fire” by P!nk – “Watch this madness, colorful charade” in P!nk’s music video for “Just Like Fire,” the hit song featured in “Alice Through the Looking Glass” that powered to the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot 100.
  • Behind the Music Video – Go on set with P!nk for production of her “Just Like Fire” music video, featuring fantastical imagery, aerial stunts, Underland character cameos, and guest appearances by P!nk’s family.
  • Behind The Looking Glass – Jump back and forth through time during this in-depth look into the making of “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” hosted by director James Bobin.
  • Time On… – Delight in this discussion with the unpredictable and witty Sacha Baron Cohen who plays Time, the keeper of the Chronosphere, a metallic sphere that powers all time.
  • Alice Goes Through the Looking Glass: A Scene Peeler – View a side-by-side comparison of raw production footage and final scenes, as Alice enters Underland through a magical looking glass.
  • Alice Goes Through Time’s Castle: A Scene Peeler – View raw production footage alongside final scenes, as Alice enters Time’s castle of eternity.
  • Characters of Underland – Get to know the quirky and colorful supporting characters in Underland, such as the tubby twins known as the Tweedles (Matt Lucas) and Absolem (Alan Rickman), the blue caterpillar turned blue Monarch butterfly.
  • Filmmaker Audio Commentary by James Bobin – Director James Bobin delivers scene-by-scene insight into the creation of “Alice Through the Looking Glass.”
  • Deleted Scenes with Director Commentary – Bobin introduces five never-before-seen scenes that didn’t make the final cut of Disney’s spectacular adventure.


  • A Stitch in Time: Costuming Wonderland

*Bonus features may vary by Digital Retailer

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Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass


  1. It would be a fun girls night. I can start with special hats and cookies and then let my imagination run wild.

  2. The theme would be Alice in Wonderland. We would have Tea & Coffee and some kind of pastry. I would ask everyone to bring some small trinket type Gifts which would have something to do with the theme. Then we would all pass out our Gifts to each other. Then Play some fun Games..

  3. I would invite about 8 friends over for Tea and Coffee. I would have my table decorated in a Alice in Wondeland Them. We would have some Cookies and Pastries. (Homemade) We would all bring little Alice in Wonderland Trinket Gifts. Enough for all of us. We would pass them out & enjoy them. 🙂 Then we could play some games and enjoy each others company! Sounds like Fun!!

  4. Allyson becker on

    I would decorate my table with a beautiful hand German tablecloth. Then, I would make a pot of tea in my Alice in Wonderland teapot, and serve hot tea with some finger sandwiches.

  5. My decorations will be Alice in Wonderland Themed. I would invite about 8 to 10 Ladies over for Coffee, Tea and fresh cookies and pastry that I made. Ask each lady to buy a little trinket Gift for each lady. We would pass these out little gifts out to each other. Then we would play some fun Games & enjoy each others company!

  6. I could also have a kids Alice in Wonderfland party for my Great Granddaughter . invite some her friends over and have a Disney theme going on for Decorations. We could find some cute Disney games to play and watch the Alice in Wonderland movie.We could have some snacks. I would have my Great granddaughter pass out some Alice and Wonderfland Coloring Books with Crayons for them to take home.

  7. Most of my friends drink coffee or tea or both. So a liquid party would be in the works!! Unless some of the girls bring coffee cake or something to snack on. It would be fun!!

  8. We took my daughter to a Disney Alice tea party here in town. They had the Mad Hatter sit with the girls, whom were dressed as little princesses, they had cookies and tea. She loved it.

  9. I would ask my younger granddaughters to bring over their cups and saucers & then we’d have our own little tea party while watching Alice through the Looking Glass ☕️???

  10. I would have my Great Granddaughters Birthday Party themed with Alice in Wonderland. The Decorations, Tablecloth and Plates and cups all in the same theme. Would order a Birthday cake decorated in Alice in Wonderland . I would think of some Fun Games to play involving some of the Characters in Alice in Wonderland.

  11. Allyson becker on

    I would have lots of tea, crumb cakes, cookies, and finger sandwiches. It would definitely have a Mad Hatter Tea Party theme!

  12. I would invite my daughters over and get out the mugs, tea bags, and hot water. Each daughter could bring something. We would have a blast!

    • Sherry Compton on

      Sorry wrong posts…
      For a tea party, you need lots of different teas. Finding plain tea cups and having the guests decorate them would be fun.

  13. Allyson becker on

    Lots of teeny tiny finger foods would compliment my multi flavors of tea! I would throw a tea party of a March Hare and a Mad Hatter!

  14. Family, friends, church members, acquaintances, etc. make some of the best tea parties! Making time for this event is a must! It won’t be a tea party if no one shows up! ☕️??

  15. For children. I would decorate table in Disney Alice in Wonderland theme. I would make peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches cut into shapes. I would bake some cookies and put something on top of them with the AIWL theme. We would have fruit punch for Tea. We would watch Disney AIWL Dvd. Then we would play games with the Disney theme and win prizes.

  16. It would be a great girls nite theme party. Would love to get some funky tea cups and cookies. Good theme to let your imagination run wild.

  17. Allyson becker on

    I would bring out my Disney China, my silver service set, and have finger foods as far as the eye could see. We would have multiple flavors of tea. And I would have one of my pretty hand embroidered tablecloths from Germany. They would add pretty touches to a fancy affair.

  18. I would have my Great granddaughter & her Grandma ( My Daughter) over for Lunch. I would make cut out PB & Jelly sandwiches also have some home baked cookies and Lemonade for tea. While we were eating We would watch Disneys Alice and Wonderland DVD! After that we would all color in Alice in Wonderland Coloring Books. Fun Fun Fun! :O)~~~

  19. I would even have a pretend tea party where people can come pretending to be whoever they want to be and drink and/or eat whatever they want. But they still have to drink their beverage out of a tea cup & call it tea ☕️

  20. Sherry Compton on

    I would have music quietly playing, then, since Alice, have the teacups be all different and have the guests wear fun hats.

  21. Allyson becker on

    I would invite all my friends to high tea. I would serve fancy finger sandwiches and desserts as far as the eye could see. We would act as if we were royalty. And we dress in our fanciest attire! We might even have a hint of a British accent!

  22. I would have a Birthday Alice in Wonderland Themed tea Party for my Great Grand Daughter! We would have decorations with all the little Characters from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. We would have Birthday Cupcakes with with little characters on them too! We would have little themed snacks and play some Disney games. Then we would watch Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Movie! We would give each child a coloring book and crayons to take home all Alice in Wonderland Disney themed.

  23. I’m really running out of ideas – at least anything remotely clever!
    Okay! I’ve got Lipton cold brew & hot tea bags. Let’s party!

  24. Allyson becker on

    I would have all my stuffed animals sit in chairs… And have a tea party like when I was a child. I might wear a cute tophat, and serve tea in my Alice teapot, and lots of food!

  25. There are so many flavors and kinds of tea now that maybe we could have a tea tasting party! This would be fun!
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have bought products just to try them out and then I found out that I didn’t like them. So rather than throw good stuff away, I give it away!
    This way we can find out what we like and what we don’t ☕️☕️️☕️️

  26. I would love to have a girls night Alice Through the Looking Glass Party. We could watch the movie after having some tea and funny sandwiches and cookies. You can really let your imagination run wild.

  27. I would se up a room with all Disney Alice in Wonderland Characters from the walls to the Table to the Plates and cups we use. I would make Iced tea and Lemonade and coffee. i would invite little girls and their moms. I would have Cut out sandwiches and Pastries that I made. We would watch the Movie Alice in Wonderland while we ate. We would play some Disney Games and each Girl would get a Alice in Wonderland Coloring Book and Crayons to take home. Along with a little treat Bag for them and another little treat Bag for Mom. That sounds so cute! Maybe I will actually do that next Summer.. :O)~~

  28. I would have my Granddaughters over for Lunch. We would watch Disneys Alice in Wonderland as we ate our unch and drank our tea (Lemonade) Out of Alice inWonderland themed cups. Ater the movie is over. We will all color in our new Disney Alice in Wonderland coloring books that I will Buy and give to them..

  29. Cecilia Pipitone-Oliveto on

    I would have my grandchildren over to watch the movie and we’d all have herbal tea and hot chocolate chip cookies.

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