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I am so excited that the weekend is finally here! Zootopia arrives in theaters today and I cannot wait to take my girls to see it! I have heard so many good things about it and of course, knowing that it is Disney, I know it is going to be amazing. It currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 100% so that says a lot too! Several good friends of mine have seen it and tell me it is fun for the whole family. My daughters have been asking nearly every day if it was time to go see it yet. We went to the zoo last weekend and they kept pointing out animals that they know are in the film like the Fennec Fox and the Sloth. The entire family has been waiting for this movie since we knew it was coming out. If you go see it, please let me know what you think!

Zootopia Rotten Tomatoes

In celebration of Zootopia’s arrival this weekend, I am excited to share a couple of how to draw videos. In them you can learn to draw Judy Hopps and Flash! How cool and fun is that!

Zootopia Judy Hops

Zootopia Flash

ZOOTOPIA opens in theatres everywhere TODAY March 4th!

Zootopia Coloring Sheets

Check out the Zootopia Coloring Pages & Activity Sheets here!

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  1. Linda Szymoniak on
    My girls have always loved drawing - and after years of drawing their favorite anime and cartoon characters, two are actually making their living with art (daughters 1 and 2 both went to college for computer graphics and also still do tradition art outside of that). Daughter #2 even teaches at a local art school part time. I love that you're encouraging kids to draw.
    • That is awesome! Congrats to your girls! My daughters love drawing. They are only 3 and 4 - but I think it is something they will love for a long time!
  2. sherry butcher on
    This is great, I do not draw so I'm getting the coloring sheets but my grand daughters do so I'll let them know about this. Thanks for sharing.

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