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Calling all Agent Mulder and Agent Scully fans to The X-Files Collector’s Set Giveaway!!!!  It’s just a couple weeks until the premiere reboot of the X-Files and to get into the mood I’ve teamed up with some of the web’s most influential bloggers to host an epic giveaway!

I recall watching this show when I was younger – I wouldn’t miss an episode! I plan to binge watch as much as I can to remember small details and then tune in to the premiere of the new season (1/24/2016)! I was so excited when I heard about it and grow more and more excited the closer we get to it!

What are we giving away?  I am glad you asked, one lucky winner will be chosen to receive ONE X-Files Complete Collector’s Set [Blu-Ray] Valued at over $399 USD.

We are super excited to launch this giveaway, but before you enter there’s a few things you should know:
  • Fake accounts will be disqualified
  • You must do each entry to be considered a valid participant
  • Giveaway is valid in US and Canada only
  • Must be 18 years to enter
The X-Files Collector’s Set Giveaway runs from 12:01 AM CST 01/05/2016 to 11:59 PM CST on 01/25/2016. That’s right, we will be announcing the winner of The X-Files Collector’s Set Giveaway right after Day 2 of the Season Premiere! Use the giveaway tool below to enter.  Winner will be notified within 24 hours of the giveaway ending and will have 48 hours to respond via mail. If response is not received by the deadline, prize will be forfeited and another winner will be chosen.
xfiles collectors set
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Enter to win this X-Files Collector’s Set using the Gleam form below. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here. Good luck everyone!
Disclaimer: There will only be ONE winner for this giveaway and the Winner is subject to eligibility verification. Giveaway open to US Residents 18+. Prizes MUST be shipped to a valid US or Canada address. NO P O Boxes will be accepted.


  1. I like all of the episodes. My mom and I watched all of the episodes faithfully. My mom passed away this year I'm sure she would have loved to see this awesome series again.
  2. I do not have a favorite episode as i have not seen all of them. Although my husband has and absolutely loved this show, this would make an awesome anniversary gift for him.
  3. Most of the episodes were great, but I'd have to say the premiere episode, because that's the one that got me hooked.
  4. I like the he-said-she-said episode where the vampire investigation was shown alternately from Scully's and then from Mulder's point of view. I usually liked the one-off episodes where Mulder and Scully investigate some weird phenomenon more than the conspiracy arc episodes.
  5. My favorite episode is "How the ghosts stole Christmas." It featured Lily Tomlin and Ed Asner and was an awesome episode.
  6. I don't really have a favorite, maybe the first one. It's been awhile since I've see the show, I really need to binge watch and get refreshed! If I win, I guess no one will see me for awhile... lol
  7. I have been watching some of the reruns on the sci-fi channel, but we are talking 9 years of episodes & the show ended in 2002!! One episode comes to mind called SOFT LIGHT. Scully and Mulder hunt down a scientist who is literally afraid of his own shadow. GUESS WHO the scientist is?? Tony Shalhoub - the actor who played MONK - sounds familiar!! I love Tony Shalhoub & MONK that is why I like and remember this episode!
  8. I can't really pick out one favorite episode. I loved so many of them. Thank you for having this giveaway. What a great prize!
  9. I can't remember the exact name of the episode, but I love the one where they go to a country town to investigate a vampire. It actually ends up being quite comical because Mulder and Scully each tell their own version of what they think happened. :) I LOVE The X-Files and never missed an episode either, this would definitely be an amazing prize to win!
  10. Home was so darn scary and creepy. It was such an unusual episode of The X-Files, so I appreciated it for it';s uniqueness too.
  11. sabina edwards on
    not sure what its called but it statrs out with kids finding a baby in a field and its like ..... the mom was in a car accident , the sons saved her, she's got no legs and kept under a bed or something and they're breeding with her...LIKE WTH man, WTH
  12. Lisa Williams on
    I don't remember names of the episodes but I know I love this show so much! I remember talking about every episode with my niece who is an avid X-Files fan.I enjoy the weirdness of this show,the investigating and all the creepy things they have to confront.
  13. Andrea Williams on
    It has been a very long time since I have watched any of these so I don't recall a favorite. However, we love to binge watch shows and having all the seasons would make for some very late nights!
  14. The creature of the week episodes tend to freak me out. I prefer the episodes that deal with the mythology surrounding the mystery of what happened to Mulder's sister. My husband is the bigger fan, though, and I'm sure he has many favorites. But he's sleeping right now and I can't ask him.
  15. I don't have a favorite episode, I really like all of the ones I've seen. It's been so long since I watched any, I would love to be able to watch all of them.
  16. My favorite is definitely the very first episode where they met and Mulder was in a basement office and Scully was not happy about being assigned to work with him. I was a huge fan when this was on tv, I can't wait for the new series!
  17. Heather McDonald on
    My favorite episode is Hollywood A.D. It is so funny and meta I LOVE it! But I am usually a fan of the mythology episodes. I can't wait for the new episodes!!!!
  18. I love every episode. My favorite was actually one of them they made as a movie length. It had the bees and the black sludge that got into the kid that fell into the hole. Very awesome.
  19. Truly the best ~ one of the few shows that my husband and I both love to watch ♥ every episode was so unique ♥ they caught your attention and you couldn't get enough ♥
  20. sherri crawford on
    the one where loggers have cut a huge tree and released killer bugs from the deep rings inside is my fav episode
  21. It's been o long since I watched an episode. I really need to in this and refresh. That would be super fun! I like "Nothing Important Happened Today" because it demonstrates the strength of Scully and Moulder's relationship.
  22. crystal gibson on
    I like the one about aliens! I couldn't help myself. I like every episode so it would be hard to choose a favorite.
  23. Ice was one that I liked because it reminded me of the movie The Thing and Mulder making a joke about remembering it is cold...

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