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dorm room essentials

Back to school season is here and I have put together a few items that you need for back to school as well as some dorm room essentials. You may not know that you needed them, but after reading through this list you will.

reduce waterweek

Reduce WaterWeek
WaterWeek™ offers the ONLY true solution to end the costly and wasteful purchasing of bulk bottled water without giving up convenience. Just fill, chill & go! WaterWeek makes it easy and economical for consumers to reduce the millions of bottles that end up in the landfill everyday. Ditch the Disposables! Purchase here. I think that these are a great idea and I plan to use them for myself as well as my kids. They will force you to drink water and help you not waste bottles – love it!


Reduce 10oz Food Jar
Great for keeping soup or other hot foods warm for up to 6 hours. BPA free, 100 percent recyclable stainless steel. 10 ounce capacity. Perfect for taking to work or school. Purchase here. Another great way to help out the environment by not wasting disposable items. Again, this is something I will use for myself as well as my kids.

Kuhn Rikon Pocket Maker Set

Kuhn Rikon Pocket Maker Set
Creating pocket meals is easy and fun with Pocket Makers! Perfect for mini pies, pizza pockets, filled dumplings and more. The set comes with 3 fun shapes so let your imagination and creativity shine. 3 fun shapes. Recipe guide included. Press cutter into dough to cut-out shape. Press down lever to crimp pocket edges together. Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. BPA free. Purchase here. These are so much fun for adults and kids. They are perfect for a dorm room when you are cooking for yourself.

Zoku Mini Pop Molds

Zoku Mini Pop Molds
Create up to nine different mini pops at a time with the Zoku Mini Pop Molds. Forget fighting with the tray to get your pop, when your pops are frozen, simply pull out your mini pop and enjoy! These pops are the perfect size for children, which makes them an excellent addition to any family, party, or other Zoku Slow Pop™ shapes! Purchase here. These are so much fun and are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages! Perfect for getting together with your friends at college!

Capresso H2O Steel PLUS Water Kettle

Capresso H2O Steel PLUS Water Kettle
Faster, safer and more precise than any stove top kettle, the H2O Steel PLUS features a striking stainless steel pitcher and variable temperature settings for versatility when preparing different types of teas. The Capresso H2O Steel PLUS kettle is constructed of stunning stainless steel and features four specific settings to steep different types of teas, at the perfect temperature. For lighter teas, such as white or green varieties, a lower temperature is recommended, while darker teas will extract better flavor using higher temperatures. The automatic keep warm setting keeps the remaining water at the selected temperature until you are ready for your next cup. The H2O Steel PLUS will even self-adjust if additional water is added to the kettle during the keep warm cycle. The pause and pour feature allows the user to interrupt the heating process, without resetting the cycle. In addition to heating water for tea, the H2O Steel PLUS is handy for brewing French press coffee or heating water for reconstituting dried vegetables and fruits, or with instant oatmeal, and soup mixes. Purchase here. This kettle is amazing. It works great and is perfect for any tea lover. 


Capresso On-the-Go
The On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker keeps up with your busy lifestyle by quickly brewing coffee directly into the stainless steel insulated thermal travel mug so you never have to leave your brew behind. Large permanent filter can hold up to 6 tablespoons of medium ground coffee for maximum strength, adjust strength by adding less ground coffee. The On-the-Go also works with pre-packaged soft coffee pods for an even quicker brew and faster clean up. As an added convenience and safety feature, the unit automatically shuts off after the brew cycle is complete. It also includes an On/Off button to save energy when not in use. Use the mug to measure out the water before filling the water tank to ensure no coffee will overflow. Purchase here. This coffee maker is sure to help you stay up while studying – or function after a long night of doing so! This is a dorm room must for any kid heading off to college this year!



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