Harborfest 2014



Here in upstate New York one of the biggest attractions of the summer is Harborfest in Oswego. This is only about a 15 minute drive for us and we went last year. We were very excited to go again this year because our youngest is at the age where she will be able to play. We opted just to go to the children’s section. The first thing we did when we got there was let the girls rides horses. They were $5.00 each and they got to ride a “sparkly” horse around for 3 laps in a tiny fenced off area. I suppose it was worth it though because they loved it!


One of our favorite things about local events here is the Children’s Museum Of Oswego. They always have a fun set up for the kids that helps them learn and play! The girls love to dress up and cook in the play kitchen. CMOO also usually has sensory boxes, kinetic sand, and bubbles. At Harborfest they brought out all the stops! They had huge blocks that the girls used to build bridges and towers. There are always tons of kids over at their setups which is great because my daughters get to meet new friends! The sad part is that they are not a brick and mortar here yet – so we can only find them at events like these.


We actually just attended a meeting last night where they were creating a mission statement for the museum. They are working on getting a physical building in Oswego and I could not be happier! Since I stay home with my girls, I would love a place to bring them where they can play and explore without having to travel to Syracuse – see my post on some of the attractions at Destiny USA here. (Don’t worry, I have a second one with more Destiny USA attractions coming soon!)

For more information on the Children’s Museum Of Oswego you can check out their website or connect with them on Facebook!

Wade Live!

As we were leaving we noticed a large crowd at the stage – and they seemed like they were having a blast! When we discovered they were watching a magician (Wade Live), we stopped in our tracks because we all love magic! Right away my 3 year old was super in to it. She was staring at the stage – at one point she just started walking up to it. Now, it might have been because of the bright yellow chicken he had on stage with him, but I think it was the performance itself.

Wade Live does comedy magic and he sure knows how to work a crowd! He is good at what he does and great with the kiddos! My husband is one of those guys that will watch an illusion over and over – then back it up – then watch it frame by frame – until he finds the slight of hand or whatever the “trick” is. And he was quite impressed with Wade’s performance. There are still two illusions he has not quite figured out. And I don’t believe him on one of his “theories” of another trick. Side note, the whole drive home was him explaining to me how everything was done – can’t I just be in awe of the magic for once! I have always been a fan of magicians (always root for them and the comedians on America’s Got Talent!!) so of course, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, but my little ones did too and that was awesome.

If you are thinking he looks familiar, it may be because he made the international news a few years back! He recorded an illusion where he shipped himself from upstate New York to Las Vegas. The FBI actually investigated him since this is highly illegal and UPS got all butt-hurt about it. Crazy, right?! If that does not prove how good he is, I don’t know what will!

After the show, Wade said he would take pictures and sign magic wands that he was selling. Unfortunately, Ivy was just too shy to go up to see him, but she still talks about him doing magic weeks later! If you live in Central New York and are having a birthday party, corporate event, or anything that warrants a magic act, I highly recommend seeing if he is available!

Check out more on Wade at WadeLive.com or IncredibleMagicShows.com – the latter being more for children’s shows. If my oldest keeps taking after her mama, we just might be booking him for a certain someone’s 4th birthday party in June!

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