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DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 9 “Souls” Recap & Review

DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 9 finally gives fans a glimpse into what Raven has been up to all season and explores the after life.

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

It may have taken more than half the season, but fans finally know exactly what Raven has been up to during season 3. Sure, Gar briefly mentioned that she was on an island trying to bring Donna back to life, but now viewers can actually see how she has been attempting it. This episode also explores the after life with some Titans characters that no one expected to see again. One of the best of the season, it sets up for a very happy reunion to come in (hopefully) Episode 10!

Warning, this recap and review of Titans Season 3 Episode 9 will contain spoilers. So if you have not yet watched this episode on HBO Max and would like to remain in the dark, please come back at a later time.  If you missed our Titans Season 3 Episode 8 recap, check it out.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Titans Season 3 Episode 9.

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

Fans haven’t seen Rachel, AKA Raven, all of season 3 so far, but that just changed. In one of the first few episodes Gar mentions that she is on an island trying to bring Donna back, and now we see her doing just that. She is on Donna’s island actually, learning the ways of the Amazonian warriors, and they are all trying their hardest to bring Donna back to life. However, Raven is not the best listener. She is impatient and it is showing, and she is annoying those on the island.

Raven ends up finding herself in a bit of trouble, and as tasked with stacking a ton of rocks back to a formation — a formation that is to represent the soul. The point of this is to show her just how difficult it is to recreate something as intricate as that. Even with using her powers she has a difficult time, and finds herself coming to terms with the fact that Donna is gone, and she isn’t coming back.

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

Meanwhile Tim Drake wakes up on a train, all in black and white, and it is quickly apparent that he has died after he was shot by Scarecrow. On that very same train is Donna Troy, who died in Season 2, and who Raven is working to hard to bring back to life. Tim is scared and jumps off the train, and of course Donna being the hero she is follows him. The two run into someone fans likely never expected to see — Hank. 

He has been exploring the wilderness of the lands for a while now, and explains to them that if you get off the train before you reach your destination your soul is up for grabs. There are ghouls that are chasing them, trying to steal their souls and bring them to Hades — where you won’t ever come back from. 

Hank and Donna have a deep conversation about how she does not want to go back to Earth, she just wants to move forward with her after life. Hank has heard rumors of a bridge that is supposed to lead back to life, and Tim convinces Donna that they should try to find it.

Tim explains to them who he is and what he knows, and is very excited to be hanging out with heroes. He tells them when they get back to Gotham perhaps they can even give him some tips. 

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

When ghouls come after them again, Hank is able to manifest guns just by thinking really hard about wanting them. He shares this trick with Donna and Tim, which of course is going to come in handy later on in the episode.

The trio makes it to the bridge, but when they start to cross they are attacked by more ghouls. Donna is able to manifest a sword, and poor Hank is stuck with num-chuks that he continuously hits himself with. Tim is too scared to do anything, and is frozen on the bridge.

The longer the fight goes on, the more ghouls show up. Eventually the bridge starts to crumble and Donna is left closer to the Earth exit, Tim and Hank are on another bridge piece. They encourage Tim to jump to Donna, who catches him with a lasso (this scene is actually very cool, despite a lot of that fight choreography feeling cheesy and off).

Hank is unable to cross to the other side of the bridge, and fends off the rest of the ghouls so Donna and Tim can go back to Earth. After he gets back to the limbo area, he meets up with his step-brother Don Hall, who also goes by the name Dove. They talk about how many people in the after life need heroes to help save them from the ghouls. At least Hank has something productive and helpful to do while there. 

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

Back on Earth, Tim wakes up in the emergency room, still suffering from his bullet wound, and Donna wakes up on her island. Raven is able to sense her return, but does not get to see her because she immediately rushes off to find Bruce, who viewers saw writing up his last will and testament, and preparing to kill himself earlier in the episode. She saves him from his burning home, and he asks if he is dead. She says no and he replies but you are. To which she answers not any more, before the episode fades to black.

Titans Season 3 Episode 9 Review

While several of the other episodes this season of Titans have more action than this one, and quite a different feel to them, episode 9 is easily one of the standouts so far. Not only do fans finally get to see what Raven has been up to all this time, they get to spend a considerable amount of time in the after life with Donna, Tim, and Hank.

This is the perfect way to really dive into Tim Drake and who he is. Bringing a new character into an ensemble cast can always be tough, so getting to really take the time with him and get to know his fanboy side is important, and sticking him in limbo with Donna and Hank helped to pull it off right.

titans season 3 episode 9 recap review

Nearly the whole episode was black and white tones, only giving a little bit of color with Raven, and more when with Bruce, and of course at the very end. Doing this not only helps to separate the world of limbo from the world of the living, it is visually pleasing as well. 

It was good to see Hank back, but keeping him as dead makes the most sense for the story. If they brought him back his death would be meaningless. Perhaps fans will get glimpses here and there of him in the after life, but probably not. 

About Titans Season 3 Episode 9

While Rachel struggles for a chance to use her magic to resurrect Donna on Paradises Island, Tim Drake encounters Donna in the Underworld, and searches for a way back.

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About Titans Season 3

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. In season three, circumstances draw our heroes to Gotham City, where they will reunite with old friends and face new threats.

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