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DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 7 “51%” Recap & Review

DC’s Titans Season 3 Episode 7 gives fans more background on Blackfire, several surprises, and some fantastic action.

Titans Episode 3x7

Warning, this recap and review of Titans Season 3 Episode 7 will contain spoilers. So if you have not yet watched this episode on HBO Max and would like to remain in the dark, please come back at a later time.  If you missed our Titans Season 3 Episode 6 recap, check it out.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Titans Season 3 Episode 7.

Episode 7 of Titans Season 3 starts off with Barbara Gordon learning about the attacks in Gotham thanks to the drug that Red Hood sold on the streets. Just three inhalers led to several deaths, and so they are worried about what 30,000 of them could do — rightfully so. She calls Dick and the two of them decide they need to find a way to stop Scarecrow and Red Hood, and they need to do it together. 

Titans Episode 3x7

Meanwhile, Red Hood returns to Scarecrow, and is surprised how well he is taking the fact that he stole his stash. Jason lets Scarecrow know that the crime bosses have called a meeting because they aren’t happy about things, and says don’t worry, Red Hood will take care of them, he just needs another dose of the inhaler. Well, Scarecrow might have said he wasn’t mad about what Red Hood did, but he allowed Jason to breath from an inhaler that completely knocked him out. 

Scarecrow himself goes to the meeting with the crime bosses, stepping out from the shadows and showing them that the is the one in charge. They all seem to be perfectly fine with that, especially when he tells them he increased the happy, and decreased the stabby effects from the inhaler gas. He promises them they will be rolling in money soon, that the war on Gotham starts tonight, and they should be ready. 

Titans Episode 3x7

Starfire decides to make a deal with one of the crime bosses to see if she can figure out where Scarecrow and Jason are. The crime boss wants Starfire and Blackfire to find her son and bring him to her in exchange for information and they agree. When they find him, he doesn’t want to go. They explain that with everything going on in Gotham, his mother just wants him to be safe — especially since Scarecrow is making his move that night. 

When they get back to her house, she shoots her son in the head killing him, claiming that he was talking to the FBI and it was her only choice. Starfire is filled with rage, and promptly kills the mob boss, bringing her alive until she is dust. Blackfire tells her that she did the right thing, and that she felt the same way when she killed their parents — like she had no choice.

Titans Episode 3x7

At the same time, Dick goes to see Barbara and convince her to use the Oracle, saying that there is no other way to track down Scarecrow as quickly as they need to. She reluctantly agrees, and they are able to trace a call that he is making very quickly. Conveniently enough, he also gives the address he will be at, and Dick heads out to see what he can find. 

Conner and Dick get to the address and it is a lead lined van in a parking lot. Conner cannot see into it with his x-ray vision so they approach the van. This is clearly a set up and fans watching them do this are sure to get frustrated with them. When they open the door to the van, inside is a tied up man with one of those bombs in his chest.

The problem is, the bomb has now been modified and Conner cannot disarm it. The van, and the man, explode, but Dick is out of harms way when it does.

Barbara knew this was a trap and her and Dick realize that Scarecrow has hacked into Oracle — remember how he needed a photo of her eye from Lady Vic? Barbara goes against Dick’s wishes and destroys Oracle before Scarecrow could do anything else. It turns out, however, this is exactly what Scarecrow wanted.

They figure out the man who was killed worked for the power grid, and is part of Scarecrows plan to get a plethora of drugs made and put on the street. After narrowing some stuff down, and after Blackfire and Starfire interrogate one of the crime bosses employees, they trace Scarecrow’s whereabouts to Snowy Cones Ice Cream Factory.

Titans Episode 3x7

Back at the crime bosses house, Blackfire explains to Starfire the reason she killed their parents. She was backed into a corner because they wanted to kill her. It is what the people were calling for when Starfire did not return for Earth, and they felt the sacrifice of their lesser daughter would be worth it. 

Starfire feels for Blackfire — especially when she explains that she had come to Earth to convince Starfire to rule alongside her. Starfire ends up giving Blackfire back her gauntlets, which transform into her suit. This is one of the best scenes in the episode, and is done really well. It looks amazing as it forming, but also when it is complete on Blackfire.

Conner seems to agree and it is clear these two are going to have a thing going. 

Titans Episode 3x7

The Titans show up at the Ice Cream Factory ready to fight and they do a fantastic job. There is a lot of action at the end of this episode, and it showcases each and every character. Blackfire is a great addition to the team and works really well with Starfire. The main thing missing is Beast Boy actually turning into a beast. That has barely happened this season and fingers crossed that it eventually will. He is far too underused. 

They are able to destroy the drug, and knock out quite a few of the bad guys, but Scarecrow and Jason get away. Scarecrow is visibly shaken by this. He had Jason tied up at the ice cream factory and is now on the run with him. It certainly seems like Jason is starting to realize he might be backing the wrong horse here. 

At the end of the episode the team is celebrating with a few beers. Barbara says she is leaving, but finds herself in Dick’s room. When he comes in to talk to her, she asks him if he wanted to leave the other night. Before he can answer, she says she didn’t want him too — and the two kiss. 

Lastly, we see Gar going to see Molly after discovering a letter from her in Jason’s room.

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 Review

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 is one of the best episodes of the season so far. They do a great job of giving some background information on Blackfire, and making her likable. Her relationship with Starfire is very well portrayed and probably the best dynamic in the show, besides Scarecrow and Red Hood. 

It is great to finally see Jason starting to see the light, and I cannot wait to see where this path takes him the rest of the season. It seems like only a matter of time before he turns his back on Scarecrow.

There is a lot of great action at the end of the episode that has fans ready for an all out brawl at some point. It is nice to see two budding romances between Blackfire and Conner, and Dick and Barbara. 

The biggest issue is Beast Boy is yet again underused, which his likely a budget thing. Hopefully we see him fully unleash at some point this season. 

About Titans Season 3 Episode 7

While Crane ramps up his operation with the help of Gotham’s crime families, the Titans search for leads – from Oracle and informants – on his next move.

Titans Season 3

About Titans Season 3

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find where they belong. In season three, circumstances draw our heroes to Gotham City, where they will reunite with old friends and face new threats.

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