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Promising Young Woman Review: Teaches A Must Learn Lesson

Promising Young Woman sheds light on the fact that there are many things that can happen to a woman, and no one will believe her.

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Given the nature of Promising Young Woman it is very hard to keep this a spoiler free review — but I will do my best. Even right from the beginning there is a twist. The longer the movie goes on, the more twists and turns we get, each going in a direction the audience probably won’t guess ahead of time. However, overall, it does become a bit predictable, with a surprise ending that still left me wanting more.

This movie centers around Cassandra, played by Carrey Mulligan, and it sets out to teach a lesson that I think everyone should learn. Sometimes, all too often really, men get away with something that they are accused of doing to a woman, for silly reasons. She was asking for it. Then she shouldn’t have been drinking. And if she weren’t wearing such a short skirt maybe that wouldn’t have happened. These are the excuses that we hear. Honestly, I have been victim of one myself. 

The goal of Promising Young Woman seems to be to point this out, perhaps in a way like we have never seen before. It is a thriller type movie and it will have you guessing throughout most of the film about what direction it is going in. But likely, the end will have you wishing for more resolution.

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Carrey Mulligan Is Perfect In This Role

Carrey Mulligan carries this entire film on her shoulders, which I think was mostly the point. From the very beginning I was hooked on her story, and what she was doing. She absolutely crushes this role, that almost feels like it was written for her. 

The way that she can change from scene to scene just shows how talented she is. I loved seeing her take on different roles at different times, and she is by far the standout of the film. Should she win an award for her performance? Maybe. 

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Unresolved Issues

Without giving too much of this movie away, I just want to say that there are some unresolved issues that stuck with me after the credits were done rolling. The pen marks are different colors — why? We never really get the answer to that. Which honestly, would have made the story more understandable.

I have a couple of other issues with this film, although I really want to keep this review spoiler free so I won’t got there. But I will sum it up by saying not all the twists and turns paid off. However, if you love a good thriller, this is more than worth watching. Just don’t expect TOO much. 

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Overall Thoughts

Promising Young Woman sheds light on the fact that there are many things that can happen to a woman, and no one will believe her. That is the message that it sets out to give, and I think it does a pretty good job of getting the point across. 

Yes, there are some plot holes and some issues that I have with the film, but overall this is a must watch movie. Likely parts of it are going to be uncomfortable to watch, but they are things that need to be seen and heard, for the audience to fully grasp things.

Will I watch this one again? Probably not. Most movies I will give a second watch, especially thrillers. But knowing the twists and turns and that ultimately, the payoff isn’t completely worth it, makes this a one time watch for me. I still highly recommend it, if not for just the cinematography and Carrey Mulligan’s performance.

About Promising Young Woman

Nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be — she’s wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs from the past.

Promising Young Woman comes out Christmas Day!