Solar Opposites Review: Is It Too Similar To Rick And Morty?


Solar Opposites is very similar to Rick and Morty, as expected. But is it better? Worse? Should they just not be compared at all? Read my review here!

solar opposites review

Rick and Morty is one of my all time favorite shows, so when I discovered the creator had another show coming, I was hyped! It is extremely obvious from the start that Solar Opposites is from the same mind that came up with Rick and Morty. The characters have their signature pupils and look very similar. The voices are also done by many of the same people — although I love the addition of Thomas Middleditch! 

solar opposites review

A Major Difference From Rick An Morty

It does often feel like some of the jokes are similar, and with the main characters being aliens, the same type of science that Rick uses is present. However, a major difference in this show is that it is more like a sitcom. Which I don’t mean in a negative way. What I mean is that we have several story lines going on during an episode, versus the one or MAYBE two that we get in Rick and Morty.

Korvo and Terry are often having an adventure, and at the same time Jesse and Yumyulack are having another. The Pupa is usually running around ruining and eating things, while the terrarium filled with shrunken adult humans is another story line. Honestly, the later is probably my favorite part of the whole series. It is a show-stealer!

solar opposites review

Solar Opposites — (Photo courtesy of FOX)

Too Similar To Rick And Morty?

But is Solar Opposites too similar to Rick and Morty? At first, my thought was yes. But then I realized that you cannot compare the two. And once you pull your mind away from that, the show gets infinitely better. Rick and Morty has been building a relationship with viewers for years, and you just cannot compare that to a new show. 

As I explained above, this show does a lot more with their secondary characters than Rick and Morty does, however it is the same humor that we are used to. Maybe not QUITE as dirty as Rick and Morty can get, but it is easily to tell it is from the same creator. 

solar opposites poster

Overall Thoughts

Solar Opposites is a hilarious show about a family of aliens that crashed on Earth. While some are eager to leave, some are having the times of their lives. From the creator of Rick and Morty, this show has a lot of similarities, but it is also different in ways.

The humor is similar, so if you don’t like that type of humor, this show might not be for you. Me? Well I am eagerly awaiting a second season already as I binged this one in just one day!

If you can get past comparing the two shows, Solar Opposites is sure to be an enjoyable and fun series for you! And hey, even if you can’t, you are sure to love it! In my opinion, Solar Opposites is a must watch series, ESPECIALLY if you are Rick and Morty fan!

About Solar Opposites

A family of aliens from a better world must take refuge in middle America; they disagree on whether Earth is awful or awesome.

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