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Holiday Cookie Decorating: Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies

Looking for the perfect treat to bring to a holiday party? Look no further! These melted snowman cookies are easy to make — and super adorable! 

melted snowman cookies

As a mom of two girls we are always busy around the holidays. There are parties for friend and family, school events, and of course, the shopping! We get invited to lots of holiday fundraisers, concerts, and parties — and we always volunteer to bring a snack with us. 

One of my favorite treats to make always impresses — melted snowman sugar cookies! They are simple to make, and a hit wherever you go! Get ready to WOW this holiday season!

What You Need

  • sugar cookie mix
  • white frosting
  • skittles
  • large marshmallows
  • black gel icing (small squeezable tube works best)

How To Make Melted Snowman Cookies

When I tell you these melted snowman cookies are easy to make — I mean it! The first step, of course, is to bake your sugar cookies. This can be done from a mix, or use your favorite from scratch recipe!

sugar cookies

Next, frost your cookies with the white frosting. I find it easiest to use a spatula so the frosting goes on smooth. Then plop a large marshmallow right on top, which will serve as your melted snowman’s head.  

Use the black icing to add eyes, mouth, and stick arms to your snowmen. See why I told you to get the small squeezable tube for this part? 

Finally, add skittles to each snowman cookie. These will be the buttons on your snowmen — and they are also a delicious addition to the cookie!

melted snowman cookies

WOW all your friends and family with these delicious holiday cookies! They are sure to oooo and ahhhh over them. Perfect for holiday parties or winter school events.