Cameron Boyce Says Fans Will Flip Their Lids When They See Descendants 2


Cameron Boyce Descendants interview

After watching some footage of Descendants 2, our first interview was Cameron Boyce. Cameron plays Carlos in Descendants and Descendants 2, who happens to be one of my favorite VKs (Villain Kids). Cruela DeVille is one of my favorite villains and so naturally I like Carlos, who is her son. Cameron was amazing in the first film, and even better in Descendants 2 from what I saw. It seems like we will see a lot more of Carlos! In our interview, Cameron talked about the set, the training, and more.

Cameron Boyce and bloggers Descendants 2

The Set and Props

We all know the first movie was absolutely amazing – the sets, the props, they all made the film what it was. The set for Descendants 2 looks like it has 10 times as many props! We asked Cameron what that was like. “It was crazy. After the first movie we knew we were going to do the second one. The whole time we were thinking, ‘Okay, how are we going to top that? How are we going to make something that’s bigger and still better?’ You don’t want to just go bigger but you also want to go [deeper with]the characters.”

“The physical sets themselves are just insane in the second one. I’m really excited for you guys to see it. But it’s just like I said, everyone was really committed to taking the next one to bigger and better places, and I feel like we accomplished that. I think that you guys saw that, especially in the pirate set. It was all green screen and then through the magic of whatever they do in post-production, they made it amazing. In the beginning of the process, they showed us all the renderings [of]what it [was]going to look like. It helps you as an actor to get in that space.

Cameron Boyce Descendants 2

The Success of Descendants

Descendants was a pretty huge movie. We asked Cameron if he had any idea going in to it what a huge national phenomenon this would become. “You had the feeling because of the people that you’re working with, specifically Kenny [Ortega] with his resume and “High School Musical” and things of that nature. So going in, we felt like if we all really bought into it, it could be something special. And I think we accomplished that. That’s why we’re so excited for the second one to come out – because people are going to flip their [lids]and that’s exciting.

Cameron Boyce Interview Descendants 2

The Dancing & Choreography

One of my favorite things about Descendants is all of the dance numbers. I was lucky enough to see a few of the dance scenes in Descendants 2 and they seem bigger and better! We asked Cameron which one he thought was the hardest to learn and perform. “I would say the finale probably. There were a lot of variables that we had to take into account. That probably [took]over four or five really long days. It was intense honestly because there were some elements that we added that made it a little difficult and [that were not a part of]how we rehearsed it. It was challenging, but we got through it and it looks amazing. The finale is probably my favorite number.

We learned that Cameron has been dancing since he was six years old! So he definitely knows his stuff. We asked him which movie’s choreography was harder for him, Descendants or Descendants 2. “I wouldn’t say [the first movie’s choreography was]harder or more technical but there’s a certain mindset that you have to bring because it can be challenging. We go three weeks before we shoot anything just getting into shape. A lot of people aren’t dancers, they’re just actors, so they have to figure that out and it’s really difficult. So you have to really buy in and Kenny asks a lot from everybody. He expects a lot. He does the important things, whatever he has to do, during the day and he comes back and he’s expecting [us to have something done]. It can be a little scary at times. But I would say that on the first one I learned how to completely go hands-on and in the second one I was just excited to do that again. You have to be comfortable. On the first one there was a learning curve, but on the second one I was ready to dive into it.

Cameron Boyce Descendants 2

The Cast Is Family

A lot of times when interviewing celebrities they say the cast becomes their family while filming. That is exactly how Cameron described being back on set with the cast of Descendants. “You should have seen us. We were doing a photo shoot just now and we couldn’t stop [having fun]. We’re giving each other noogies and it’s the craziest thing. It’s really cool. Every time we see each other it feels like we’re back on the set. We’re all a family which is rare and special. I think we all are very grateful for that.

We then brought up the new cast, and asked how that changed the dynamic on set, if at all. “It was amazing. It’s so exciting because obviously you want to see what happens to the characters from the first movie but these new characters all bring something that’s so special. Everyone is so talented. It’s insane. I’m very excited. They definitely blended in with our family immediately. There was no real transition.

Cameron Boyce Interview Descendants 2

Carlos in Descendants 2

We asked Cameron what he is hoping to see for Carlos in the future of Descendants. “People are really excited to see what happened to these kids [in the second movie]. When you leave them, they just left this horrible, desolate place to go somewhere that’s this beautiful new world and they’re still getting used to it. The world in Auradon is really important, and then some other stuff happens where we have to return to our roots. That is hard for us too because we’re getting used to this newer place and we’re still fighting with that. That doesn’t stop.”

For Carlos specifically, in the first movie he was like the younger brother, a little bit of the comic relief. [He was] just the guy who was not really helpful to the group and [they were]sort of dragging Carlos along. In the second movie he finds out how he can bring something to the table for the team, and it’s different than everybody else. Obviously Jay’s the muscle and Mal is the brains, and Carlos figures out that he’s a sensitive guy. He realizes that he can use that [sensitivity]to bring the whole group together and it’s pretty cool.


Descendants 2 Synopsis

The story deepens in the music-driven sequel to the global smash hit “Descendants,” as the teenage sons and daughters of Disney’s most infamous villains – Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay (also known as Villain Kids or VKs) – try to find their place in idyllic Auradon. When the pressure to be royally perfect becomes too much for Mal, she returns to her rotten roots on the Isle of the Lost where her archenemy Uma, the daughter of Ursula, has taken her spot as self-proclaimed queen of the run-down town. Uma, still resentful over not being selected by Ben to go to Auradon Prep with the other Villain Kids, stirs her pirate gang including Captain Hook’s son Harry and Gaston’s son Gil, to break the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, and unleash all the villains imprisoned on the Isle, once and for all.

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