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My 5 year old daughter is really into music. She tells us that music class is her favorite class in Kindergarten. Because of this, we know that taking her to Symphoria CNY’s Halloween Spooktacular would be the highlight of her Halloween – and we were right! Our 3 year old really enjoyed it as well, and of course so did my husband and myself.


We have been to Symphoria events before and we are huge fans of the symphony, but this one was a little different. This event was geared toward children and had a Halloween theme. Kids were encouraged to wear their costumes, and the even even ended with a costume parade! The musicians were all wearing costumes as well. The pieces they played were all spooky sounding and really made for a fun morning.


The show itself was very interactive. The conductor described each piece beforehand and encouraged the kids to yell out how it made them feel – sad, scared, etc. He would explain the story behind the music. I loved how he taught children that music can not only invoke feelings, but it can tell a story. My 5 year old was closing hers and telling me about the witches she saw and what they were doing during the songs.


We all had such a blast and now my oldest daughter is asking me to bring her to another symphony. Symphoria CNY has many more performances coming up so we just might do that. In February there is a Wild Things show in the Kids Series that we are thinking about attending. The Kids Series is great because they are at 10:30am and only last about 90 minutes. If you don’t have kids, or want to enjoy a night out, they have many other performances too. Check them all out here.


About Symphoria: Symphoria is a fully professional orchestra serving Syracuse and Central New York. It is one of only two co-op orchestras in the U.S., founded by nearly 50 members of the former Syracuse Symphony Orchestra, which was considered one of America’s top 50 orchestras. Symphoria is passionately committed to serving its community with inspiring orchestra and ensemble performances, and innovative education programs for kids of all ages. SymphoriaCNY is on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Visit for videos. For more information about Symphoria or to purchase tickets, visit or call the Symphoria Box Office at 315-299-5598 ext. 201.

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