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Right now Game of Thrones fans are in limbo. We have to wait, longer than usual, for the new season to start up – plus we know it is the beginning of the end. We have it bad right now guys. So to help fellow GoT fans deal with this void, I have put together a list of some amazing collectibles and toys from Factory Entertainment.

Direwolf Cubs

Factory Entertainment has developed a full line of cute and cuddly Game of Thrones plush items, including all 6 Direwolf Cubs, an adult version of Ghost, Drogon, a set of Dragon Eggs, House Sigil Throw Pillows and Westeros Map Pillows. Collectors young and old will want to snuggle up with these! We have all 6 of the cubs and I had them on display in my office – but my 3 year old stole them and now they all sleep in bed with her (but I manage to sneak away Shaggydog every now and then).


Castle Sculptures Collection

For those Game of Thrones fans looking to add something truly unique to their collection, look no further. The Game of Thrones Castle Sculptures collection include desktop-sized reproductions of Castle Black and Winterfell in stunning detail. Each limited edition piece is cast from heavy weight polystone and includes a booklet that incorporates a certificate of authenticity. The desktop sculptures are complemented by Factory Entertainment’sRed Keep Relief sculpture, which can be wall mounted or displayed on a desktop.


If you aren’t a Game of Thrones fan (what is wrong with you??) but still love nerdy things like comic books, check out the SWAT series of toys from Factory Entertainment. We have Wonder Woman’s Shield and Sword as well as Batman’s Batarang. My daughters like to pretend to be superheros and now I can encourage their imaginative play knowing they won’t get hurt using these soft versions of the weapons. They even make sounds like the real thing!


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