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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022 Movie) Review

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not the best of the franchise, but it is certainly not the worst. Brutal, bloody, and filled with jump scares, it is a gore-filled good time.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre leatherface 2022 movie review

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix

The latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre wastes no time getting into the blood and gore, which is likely because of the very short run time. This version of the story follows a group of young adults who want to fix up Harlow, the town that was plagued by Leatherface’s brutal murders 50 years earlier. No one has seen the killer since, but of course, he comes out of hiding after some unfortunate events take place. 

It is not the best of the franchise, but also not the worst. For those who enjoy a bloody, mindless movie, this one is for you. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is the perfect Friday night movie to watch from behind your fingers.

As for Leatherface himself, he certainly brings it in this movie. He captures the right vibes of this iconic killer, and accomplishes what he sets out to do — freak us all out. 

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 movie review

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Elsie Fisher as Lila, Sarah Yarkin as Melody, Nell Hudson as Ruth and Jacob Latimore as Dante. Cr. Yana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix

The new to the franchise cast does a decent job holding their own in a slasher horror movie (which let’s face it, is exactly what the 2022 Texas Chainsaw Massacre is). Some are on screen longer than others, which is to be expected with a murder movie — but no, I won’t tell you who. What I will say is that each and every one of them can run, scream, and maybe even die, with the best of them. 

One of the biggest talked about scenes from the trailer is the bus scene where Leatherface gets on with a chainsaw, but instead of running or freaking out, everyone just starts taking photos. In the context of the trailer, this seemed bizarre and out of place, but it actually fits in perfectly. The scene in its entirety is brutal, bloody, and one of the best in the entire film. A bit of a play on how connected to our phones we are that we lose sight of what it is actually happening right in front of our eyes. 

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 movie review

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Olwen Four as Sally Hardesty. Cr. Jana Blajeva / ©2021 Legendary, Courtesy of Netflix

Like Halloween, there is a surviving victim that returns for revenge. This is clear from the trailer, however it should be mentioned that the perfect amount of time is spent on this story line. It doesn’t overshadow the whole movie, which is why it works so much better than the most recent Halloween films. Sally wants to get justice for her friends who died, but luckily the audience gets to spend more than enough time with the new characters before she even comes into the picture.

My biggest issue with this movie is that they try to weave in some school shooting trauma, and it just feels — weird. It doesn’t really work as it is far too forced. I get that it is the reason a certain character isn’t supposed to like guns, but it never quite makes sense in the larger plot. This is supposed to be a mindless horror movie, not a deep meaningful drama.

Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is just one hour and fifteen minutes from start to credits, but don’t miss the little stinger at the end credits. It isn’t necessary but it is fun and sets up a future for the franchise — which honestly, I could take or leave. Personally I have a blast with bloody movies that are filled with murder and jump scares, so I would certainly watch another one should it come out. 

There isn’t anything truly special about this movie, but if you are into the slasher horror genre, than this movie is for you. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie is still far better than this one, however it beats out at lot of the versions in between. This film is a quick watch filled with some truly brutal and bloody kills. It isn’t perfect by any means, but it is well worth spending a little over an hour of your life watching if this genre is your jam. 

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022 movie poster

About Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Melody (Sarah Yarkin), her teenage sister Lila (Elsie Fisher), and their friends Dante (Jacob Latimore) and Ruth (Nell Hudson), head to the remote town of Harlow, Texas to start an idealistic new business venture.

But their dream soon turns into a waking nightmare when they accidentally disrupt the home of Leatherface, the deranged serial killer whose blood-soaked legacy continues to haunt the area’s residents — including Sally Hardesty (Olwen Fouéré), the sole survivor of his infamous 1973 massacre who’s hell-bent on seeking revenge.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is now available to stream on Netflix.