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Charming The Hearts Of Men Review: An Important Story To Be Told

Charming The Hearts Of Men takes place at a moment in time that has a very important story to tell & does so enjoyably enough, despite flaws.

charming the hearts of men

Charming The Hearts Of Men is a movie about a very important moment in history — the Civil Rights Movement. This story heavily focuses on the equal rights of women, as well as African Americans. It does this in an enjoyable way, but perhaps too enjoyably. Overall it feels like there just isn’t enough drama, difficult scenes, and honesty in the movie. That sad, Kelsey Grammer and Anna Friel both shine, stealing every scene they are in. 

The story mostly follows Grace Gordon, played by Anna Friel, who finds out that her family is broke after her father passes away. She is divorced and wants nothing to do with another man, however, due to discrimination it seems the only way to dig her family out of this hole, is to find a wealthy man to charm, win over, and marry. At the same time, Viola, played by Jill Marie Jones, is struggling with the lack of rights of African Americans.

charming the hearts of men

What Works With Charming The Hearts Of Men

Charming The Hearts Of Men tells two very important, very similar, stories at the same time. There is the struggle for women to become equal, as well as the struggle for African Americans to become equal. The focus does seem to be more on women as a whole, however, both are addressed.

This moment in history is one that should be explored, and this movie does so while also adding in a bit of a romantic twist as Grace tries to persuade her Congressional ally, played by Kelsey Grammer, to help her situation. Grammer steals nearly every scene he is in, only perhaps being outshined by Friel in one or two moments. Their chemistry together is easy to see. Sean Astin has a small role in the film, and is a joy to watch whenever he is on screen as well. 

The cast as a whole is fantastic in this movie, and does a great job of being believable. It certainly helps that that he sets and costuming are perfect for the era, as well. It is easy for viewers to settle in and feel like they are back in the early 60s. 

What Doesn’t Work With Charming The Hearts Of Men

Unfortunately for this movie it does feel quite long. It clocks in at about an hour and 45 minutes, however, the pacing is off several times throughout it, which only makes it drag on. It takes a little bit of time to get where it is going, however once it settles in, it does so nicely.

There are some moments, although important, that are hard to watch. That is not my issue with this movie though because sometimes those are very necessary. However, it almost feels like there isn’t enough of those moments for this subject matter. A movie like this should have a lot more scenes with women and African Americans being talked down to and treated poorly, and while they are there, it just isn’t enough.

charming the hearts of men

Overall Thoughts

Charming The Hearts Of Men is a movie that is, well, charming. But perhaps too much and at the expense of the overall lesson. That said, it is enjoyable enough for a watch, especially if you feel strongly about the Civil Rights Movement. There are moments that might be triggering, however not nearly enough of them to feel history accurate.

The cast is what shines in this movie, particularly Kelsey Grammer and Anna Friel. They have great chemistry together, making their mutual scenes believable and captivating. 

charming the hearts of men

About Charming The Hearts Of Men

A romantic drama set during the politically charged early 60s where a sophisticated woman returns to her Southern home town and discovers her options are limited yet discrimination is plentiful. With the help of a Congressional ally, she inspires historic legislation which allows opportunities and protections never before afforded to women.

Charming The Hearts Of Men hits theaters and VOD August 13th.