Wish Upon A Unicorn Tells A Magical Tale For Young Kids


Wish Upon A Unicorn teaches valuable lessons to young kids in a fun and magical way! A must watch for family movie night. Thanks to Universal Home Entertainment and Party City for sending us a copy of the DVD and party supplies to enjoy Wish Upon A Unicorn.

wish upon a unicorn

Wish Upon A Unicorn is a movie filled with magic and wonder. A movie that families with young kids are sure to enjoy. It is a bit slow at first but within thirty minutes my daughters were glued to the screen! They loved the image of the unicorn, and for the record, are convinced they are real creatures now.

In this movie, the young girls discover unicorns exist. But when some cowboys learn about it too, they steal Rocco, the baby unicorn they found, to use his powers. This can be a little hard to watch for some young kids, but don’t worry, the good outweighs the bad. My girls laughed throughout almost the whole movie — and even spent some time yelling at the bad guys through the screen.

While I feel that this movie is very safe for kids to watch — it is rated PG after all — there are some real subjects, like death, in the movie. The young girls have lost their mother earlier that year, and so they are coping with that. Lucky for them Rocco the Unicorn helps them get through that struggle.

The lesson in all of this? Our loved ones are always with us after they are gone. And there is magic to be found almost everywhere, if you know how to look for it. A truly heartwarming movie for the whole family!

unicorn party

Our Unicorn Party

In order to take our family movie night one notch up, we threw a unicorn party (all thanks to Universal Home Entertainment and Party City!). We made cupcakes and celebrated with balloons, confetti, themed plates and napkins, and more! My youngest daughter put on a unicorn headband and we all sat down to watch Wish Upon A Unicorn together. It made for some great family bonding!

wish upon a unicorn party

About Wish Upon A Unicorn

Two sisters and their father move from the city to the country to live with their grandmother. On her farm, they miraculously discover and befriend a baby unicorn named Rocco. Rocco has magical powers and gives the girls a little bit of luck, hijinks, and a lot of laughter, which makes the adjustment to their new home and school easier.

But when the local good for nothing cowboys learn about the magical unicorn, the gang steals Rocco to use his powers for themselves. The sisters must embark on a fun western adventure to save Rocco in this original story full of heart, humor, and magical adventures – perfect for the whole family.

Wish Upon A Unicorn comes to DVD and Digitial September 15th!

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