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Whether you are traveling the states or the world – here are some great tips and items from Mama Smith’s for your travels!

Kids Hersheypark kiddie rides

5 Tips for Visiting Hershey, PA with Three Generations! | #HersheyPA

Every year my mom comes to visit from Florida for a few weeks. When she does, we take her on a weekend trip or two. We have learned living in Upstate New York that there are actually many places to visit within driving distance – that are perfect weekend getaways. Hershey, PA is one of those places. There are so many things to do there – not just Hersheypark – that make it an ideal vacation for all three generations!

Kids STRONG Museum Butterfly garden

Fighting Summer Learning Loss at The Strong Museum

My daughters will be entering Kindergarten and Second Grade this September. I don’t mean to toot their horns here, but they are both really smart girls. Their report cards this year had my husband and I beaming and more proud than I could have ever imagined. But I know all too well that the summer slump is real, so I feel it is important to keep their education up while they are out of school. One of our favorite local ways to do that is head to the ultimate play destination for all age – the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.

Travel Green sand beach Hawaii Big Island

5 Things Every Couple Needs To Do On The Big Island of Hawaii | #Hawaii

My husband and I recently took our first vacation without the kids since we had them. If you are keeping count that means it had been seven years before our last couples vacation. That is a long time, too long really. We went to Hawaii for only 4 days, but it was just what we needed. We needed to be a couple again, we needed to us again, and we needed to reconnect. The girls were home safe with his parents and we went to the big island of Hawaii to enjoy ourselves. We did went on adventures during the day and probably drank way too much at night. But we had no responsibilities and it was amazing. If you find yourself on the big island with your significant other, here are five things I highly recommend you check out!

Giveaways travel trays

4 Tips To Help You Take Your Family On The Perfect Weekend Getaway | #Travel

We are a family that loves to travel. Lucky for us, my husband has Mondays off, so when we can take the girls out of school, we do. We love going on three day adventures. From Canada, to Pennsylvania, to Massachusetts, we try love adventure. If it is within driving distance, we will plan a trip there. Now I want to share some tips I have learned to help you become a master at weekend getaways too!

Travel blue hawaiian helicopter

Make Vacation Planning Easy as 1, 2, 3 with TripAdvisor! | #TripAdvisor #Vacation

If you follow me on social media then you already know I went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. When I was first planning this getaway with my husband, I turned to Google. I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the activity options and trying to track down reliable reviews. We only had a few days to spend there and I wanted them to be perfect. Then I was told to check TripAdvisor and I was blown away! Using TripAdvisor, we could plan our entire vacation – from hotel, to flights, to all of our activities. We can even check out what restaurants we might want to eat out while away (and we found some great ones!). This site has changed the way I will be booking travel from now on.


Talking Marvel with Comic Book Writer Ann Nocenti | EP of Marvel Universe of Super Heroes Exhibit at #MoPOP

When I first learned about the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture, I knew it was something I was going to have to check out. I researched for a bit and decided that my family and I would be taking a trip out to WA this summer to check it out. As huge comic book fans, how could we not?! The fact that Ann Nocenti is the Executive Producer? That is the icing on the cake. Ann has created some of my most favorite comic book character like Mojo, Longshot, and Typhoid Mary. She also wrote an amazing run of Daredevil. Basically, she is a super talented comic book writer, creator, and editor – and I got the chance to talk with her one on one.

Disney Pixar The Incredibles

A Tour of Pixar Animation Studios & The Pixar Archives to Prepare for Incredibles 2! | #Incredibles2Event

Incredibles 2 hits theaters in June and after heading to Pixar Animation Studios to learn all about it, I can pretty much guarantee it is going to be the movie of the summer. I was totally blown away by all the work that goes into creating an animated feature film. Stay tuned for all the details on that later, but right now I want to tell you guys all about my experience at Pixar Animation Studios. This place is amazing. I knew it would be surreal to step on to the campus, but I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I would feel. And all the awesome things I would see.

Disney together forever fireworks

10 Must Eat Foods + Can’t Miss Experiences at Disneyland Resort’s Pixar Fest | #Incredibles2Event

Pixar Fest is finally here! That’s right – Pixar Fest opens TODAY at Disneyland Resort. I recently visited Pixar Animation Studios to learn all about Incredibles 2 (so much more coming on that) and while there, I got to chat with the Disney Parks Pixar team. Of course Pixar Fest was the main topic of conversation and let us in on all the details. We also talked about Pixar heading to all the Disney Parks around the world. Personally, I am hoping for more Coco presence in Mexico at Epcot! Pixar Fest runs from today, April 13th, to September 3rd. If you are heading out to California to partake in the fun, here are some don’t miss activities (and food!).


5 Reasons Every Disney Fan Needs To Visit The Walt Disney Family Museum with Video!

You might have an idea that I am a big fan of all things Disney. One of my most favorite places on Earth is Walt Disney World, but there is a place in San Francisco, CA that is at the top of my list. I have been lucky enough to visit The Walt Disney Family Museum twice in the last year and it is something that every Disney fan needs to experience. My husband is just as big a Disney fan as I am and I really hope one day he will be able to visit. There is so much to see – and so much to learn about Walt’s life inside those walls!

Disney View from Polynesian Room

Inside the Disney Vacation Club Resort: Polynesian Deluxe Studio | #DVCMember #Disney

About a year ago, my family joined the Disney Vacation Club. Our only regret is not joining sooner. Our home resort is the Polynesian and we just stayed there for the first time. To say that our trip was heaven is an understatement. Before this, we had never stayed at a monorail resort. What a difference this makes! Heading to Magic Kingdom and Epcot was ridiculously easy (you can even walk to the transportation center from the Polynesian in less than five minutes!). We ended up taking several breaks in the middle of the day because of the ease of heading back to our room.

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