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Whether you are traveling the states or the world – here are some great tips and items from Mama Smith’s for your travels!

Kids Bubble Bum

BubbleBum: An Inflatable Booster Seat!

My daughters are still in carseats, however, when they do make the transition to boosters, I would love something easy for travel. Especially when going on trips to see family in Florida. If we fly, it becomes a pain to have to buy a carseat or booster to leave at my mom’s house. Or having to ask around to see if we can borrow one. That is where BubbleBum comes in handy! This inflatable booster seat is perfect for traveling! I plan to take it with us on our trip to Disney World in October. My daughter will be 4 and it will be perfect for any taxi rides or shuttles we have to take!

Pets Kurgo logo

Outdoor Fun with Your Pup & Kurgo!

When the snow finally melts here, one of my favorite things to do is take my puppy, Khaleesi, outside. We like to go down to the beach and play. We are also looking forward to taking her camping with us this year. The only issue has been what do we bring to keep her entertained. Surely not the same boring toys and bones she has at home. Camping is an adventure for us, so it should be an adventure for our puppy too! That is why my husband and I are so excited about the newest items from Kurgo!

Entertainment Brian Regan

Brian Regan Announces Summer/Fall Tour!

I love Brian Regan! He is so funny, and best of all, he is a clean comedian. I am able to crack up listening to his CDs and not have to worry about my daughters being within ear shot. One of my favorite of his rants is about “you too”. If you have never heard him before, you need to. I have always wanted to see him live and now I have a chance to!

Disney Disney Live

Disney Live Ticket Giveaway

If you want to read all about Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales and where it will be in the New York Metro are just click here Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales is coming to town you’ll get the low down and all the details to purchase tickets to see the show.


Travel Set Go FREE VIP Membership!

I am so excited to share this awesome website with you guys! My fans and followers are all now eligible to receive a VIP membership ($99 value) to Travel Set Go, a world‐class discount travel service provider. You can choose from more than 300,000 hotels and resorts worldwide for guaranteed lowest rates. If you find a better price, they will refund 110% of the difference! I plan to use this for all of my traveling needs.


Our Day at the New York State Fair | #NYSFair

We went to the New York State Fair today! We had a ton of fun! The highlights of the day included the dinosaur exhibit where we saw 15+ “dinosaurs” in their natural habitats and got to dig for dinosaur fossils! We ran into Senator Chick Schumer and Ivy got to shake his hand and a photo with him! My oldest won a Lumpy Space Princess stuffed animal in a game and she was so excited! The fresh milk from the rainbow bar is always amazing and so is the giant sand sculpture! Both girls got to feed animals (goats, a zebra, a camel, an alpaca, and so much more!) and pet them at the petting zoo! They even got to ride a pony. It was a successful day for sure! If you have never been and you live in the area (or even if you don’t!), then you need to check it out some time!


Harborfest 2014

Here in upstate New York one of the biggest attractions of the summer is Harborfest in Oswego. This is only about a 15 minute drive for us and we went last year. We were very excited to go again this year because our youngest is at the age where she will be able to play. We opted just to go to the children’s section. The first thing we did when we got there was let the girls rides horses. They were $5.00 each and they got to ride a “sparkly” horse around for 3 laps in a tiny fenced off area. I suppose it was worth it though because they loved it!

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