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If You Love Hello Kitty – You Will Love the New Hello Kitty itty bittys® | #ittybittyslove #Hallmark

My girls and I love Hello Kitty! I collect stuffed animals and figures of my favorite characters and Hello Kitty is one of them. I was so excited when Hallmark sent me one of the new Hello Kitty itty bittys® – and it is adorable! I absolutely love it, and have been proudly displaying it on my desk ever since it arrived. My daughters love her so much that they try to steal her at least three times a day.

Kids play-doh

Celebrate #WorldPlayDohDay with Hasbro! | #PlahDoh60 #PlayLikeHasbro

Celebrate 60 years of creative Play-Doh fun with the classic Doctor Drill ‘n Fill set! For decades this guy has helped the idea of going to the dentist feel more fun with lots of silly dentist-themed activities kids can enjoy again and again. Start the patient’s appointment by shaping some teeth with the tooth molds. Fight cavities by giving them a buzz with the electric drill and filling them in with more Play-Doh compound! Add some braces with the roller, and keep the patient’s teeth nice and clean by squeezing some pretend toothpaste through the toothbrush. And to celebrate the Play-Doh brand’s long history of inspiring kids’ imaginations, we’ve given our mustached friend a makeover with exclusive retro-style packaging that’s sure to bring us all back to the good ol’ days.

Kids Zootopia Police Station Playset

Create Imaginative Play with the Zootopia Police Station Playset | #Zootopia #Disney

We are a Disney family through and through. One of our favorite newer Disney movies is Zootopia. I think the message is great for kids – you can be who you want to be. The movie itself is funny, entertaining, and great for adults as well as kids. My mom was recently visiting us and she hadn’t seen it, so of course we watched it. She laughed, she cried – she really enjoyed it. Because this is one of their favorite films, my girls have several Zootopia figures. They love their Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, as well as little Toot Toot. Recenly, thanks to TOMY, we got the new Zootopia Police Station Playset – and boy were they excited. They now had a place to play with all their figures and the scenarios they come up with are amazing.

Kids Our Generation

Encourage Imaginative Play with Our Generation Dolls | #OurGeneration #Target

I have 3 and 5 year old daughters, so of course, there is a strong love of dolls in our house. They each have their favorites that they carry around with them everywhere. A couple of years ago for my oldest’s birthday, she received two Our Generation dolls. She was so sweet and instantly gave one to her little sister so they could each have one. These dolls have been through the ringer, but have really held up. They have been on family vacations with us and have slept in my girls’ beds nearly every night since they came to our house. Right around Christmas time, we got the Our Generation Kitchen Set (which I included in my 2015 Gifts for Kids Holiday Gift Guide) and it has been a huge hit.

Kids Vex Robotics

VEX Robotics Robotic Arm: Unboxing, Review, & Time Lapse Build Video | @HexBug @BestBuy #TechToys #STEM

Have you ever wondered how industrial robots work? You know, the kind of robots that work on assembly lines building other complex pieces of machinery? Now you can unlock the mystery behind these sophisticated robots by building one of your own! Exclusively from HEXBUG comes the VEX Robotics Robotic Arm – a completely functional construction kit inspired by real industrial robot arms. This unique Robotic Arm is hand powered and can pick up and relocate items using four degrees of freedom and an articulated grabber hand. The whole crane can rotate 360 degrees, allowing this miniature robot to perform the complex actions of its real life counterpart.

Kids Finding Dory Operation

Must Have Summer Toys from Hasbro | #PlayLikeHasbro

Summer is finally here! I know I look forward to more time with my oldest daughter – and I am sure most of you look forward to time with your school aged kids as well. Just one problem – how do we keep them busy all summer? Lucky for us, Hasbro has a great line of toys – from My Little Pony, to Marvel, to Play-Doh, & everything in between – and most of them are perfect for unlimited summer fun!

Kids Star Wars Prize Pack

Father’s Day Star Wars Gifts from Hasbro | #Giveaway #StarWars #FathersDay

My family and I are huge Star Wars fans. My husband and I actually spent our honeymoon at Star Wars Weekend at Disney World. So this Father’s Day, I know he would love just about anything Star Wars! Lucky for us, Hasbro has some incredible items in their Star Wars collection – that are great for kids (and adults) of all ages! Check out these Star Wars gift ideas from Hasbro – and then enter to win a set of them!

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