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Kids ArmoGear Laser Battle

Kids Will Have a BLAST With ArmoGear Laser Battle!

As a parent in this day and age, I know the struggle is real when it comes to technology. I know, I am not one to talk. I would play video games all day, every day if I could. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want my kids to get outside and explore the great outdoors every now and then. And I finally found the perfect way to get them to want to do it too – Laser Battle from ArmoGear. This laser tag game is so much fun that even my husband and I ended up joining in!

Kids Creative Cafe Barista Bar in Use

Now Your Kids Can Join in Coffee Talk With Creative Café Barista Bar

My husband and I are big coffee drinkers. We even have a coffee bar in our kitchen where we come up with all sorts of fun drinks. Because of that my daughters are always asking about the specialty drinks we make for ourselves. One of our daughter’s has actually started helping us make our lattes and cappuccinos. So when I first heard about the Creative Café Barista Bar from RoseArt I was thrilled! I knew this was something my girls would love – and now they can join our coffee talk!

Collectibles & Subscriptions ralph breaks the internet toys

Ralph Breaks The Internet Toys That Every Collector Needs | #RalphBreaksTheInternetEvent

You might already know this about me but I am a huge collector. I love to collect things. Funko Pops, toys, figurines – anything Disney or geeky related, I want it. I almost never open the boxes and even if I do, I rarely play with them. Yes, I am that kind of collector, and I know if drives some people crazy. It certainly drives my children nuts, I can tell you that. Whenever a new movie comes out, I want all the toys. For my office. And I don’t let them touch them. It’s no different with Ralph Breaks The Internet.

Kids spirit riding free playmobil

DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free by PLAYMOBIL Is The Perfect Holiday Gift!

My youngest daughter is obsessed with DreamWorks Spirit Riding Free on Netflix. From the moment she first watched it, it became her favorite. Every night, every single night, she watches an episode. She has watched all of them several times and they don’t get old to her. I am 99.9% sure she has memorized every line in every episode. This holiday season I knew she needed a special Spirit Riding Free gift, and I found the perfect one from PLAYMOBIL!

Collectibles & Subscriptions mickeys 90th anniversary toys

Must Grab Toys for Mickey’s 90th Anniversary Celebration!

If you know anything about me you know I am a bit of a Disney fan. So when I heard about some amazing toys coming from Just Play Toys to celebrate Mickey’s 90th Anniversary, you know I was excited! They sent me some that now have a home in the office. My daughters tried to steal the adorable Steamboat Willie plush, but they haven’t succeeded yet. OK, every now and then I let them sleep with him in their bed, but he lives in my office. These are total must haves for any Mickey fan!

Kids On the go fun with PLAYMOBIL

Easy On-the-Go Play with PLAYMOBIL Carry Cases

We travel a lot, and it is hard to keep the kids entertained while on-the-go. That is where PLAYMOBIL carry cases come in to the picture! These cases are the perfect size to take some fun toys along with us. They will easily fit in a backpack, suit case, or even in my young daughters’ hands! When we go to stay at a hotel, they each take a case with them – packed with PLAYMOBIL fun! 

Giveaways Shark Week Items

Celebrate Shark Week with these Must Have Toys & DVDs! | #SharkWeek #Giveaway

I don’t know about your family, but mine is always on the edge of their seat waiting for Shark Week to come to TV! To help celebrate I am letting you know about some of our favorite shark related toys and DVDs. And then, I am going to give a Shark Week package away to one lucky reader! Good luck – and stay out of the water this week (yikes!).


Have A Superhero Summer with PJ Masks Themed Fun! | #PJMasks #DisneyJr

My kids live for summer – as I am sure most do. Especially at their young age – they are 5 and 7. My whole family looks forward to grilling dinners, playing games in the yard, and just having fun together in the warm weather. Something else my girls are passionate about? Well that would be PJ Masks. Like their Mama, they are big superhero fans. I have started them young with stories about Iron Man and Spider-Man, and so when they first saw PJ Masks on Disney Junior, they fell in love! This summer I am combining two of their loves, outside fun and PJ Masks!

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