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Crafts clover flower necklaces

Easy DIY Flower Necklace Craft for Kids To Create Endless Summer Fun! | #SummerCrafts

Summer is finally here! I love spending this season outside with my girls. This past weekend we got a pool (just the small blowup kind) so we have been playing in that a lot. A couple weeks ago we went to a war reenactment. They had a small tent set up with children’s toys from the early 1800’s. That was really interesting and fun! The women who was running the tent taught me how to make clover flower necklaces, which has quickly become something my girls love to do. We have lots growing in our yard and so I decided to make some today. They are really easy to do and your kids will love them!


Shell Game Review

Shell Game ReviewAnother amazing game from #ThinkFun! When I got approved to receive this game…


Robot Turtles Board Game Review

I am lucky enough that ThinkFun chose me to receive this game for free in order to review it! I was so excited when I found out because my 3 year old is really in to board games now. She would rather sit at the table and play games all day than spend time outside, or even watch TV! I am not exaggerating when I say we play board games for at least 3 solid hours every day in our house. We only own three games that are age appropriate for her so it has been the same thing over…and over…and over….this mama was very excited to be getting a new game to switch things up! And Robot Turtles did not disappoint!

Crafts Tangled Birthday Party

A Tangled Birthday Party

My oldest daughter just turned 3 – THREE!! (Where does the time go?!?) Her favorite things right now are Tangled and Frozen. She watches them over and over. She even pointed out Rapunzel in Frozen at Elsa’s Coronation before I noticed her. To say she is obsessed is an understatement. So when I asked her what theme she wanted for her birthday party I was not one bit surprised when she told me Tangled. Below are some fun party ideas if you want to do a Tangled theme. We had a blast!


Amy Elizabeth Studios Review

We used Amy Elizabeth Studios for our first born’s 1 month photo shoot. Everything about the experience was amazing. She was very professional and creative. She kept coming up with ideas that topped her previous idea and so we ended up with some really awesome shots! She had the photos edited and back to us within just a few days! Every photo was perfect which made it really hard to choose which ones to print. She came in to our home and photographed us in our environment. Our daughter took to her right away and slept through most of the photo shoot. Below are just a few.

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