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#FitMadeFun Day

I was so so so fortunate this past month! I was selected by MommyParties, LeapFrog, and Clif Kids to host a #FitMadeFun day! For this, I was sent two LeapBands and a bunch of boxes of Clif Kids ZBar Protien bars! I knew immediately that all the cousins would be coming to my house for an amazing day on September 6th! I think I was more excited than they were! I was so ready to play games and have a blast!


Broken Crayons? I Have An Easy Fix!

Do you have an abundance of broken crayons? We did. And my girls avoid broken crayons like the plague! They are always bringing them up to me – my 19 month old saying “Uh oh! Trash!” and my 3 year saying “I cannot use this mommy. It needs to go in the trash.” Sometimes, they break them just for fun. *sigh* The joys of motherhood….

Food & Drink

Mighty Pops

Sunsella Ice Pop Molds ReviewUnfortunately, it is starting to get chilly already here in upstate…


Support St. Jude

Just a quick post about something I wanted to spread the word about! Do you want…


Zingo!® Word Builder

As most of you should know by now, my family and I love ThinkFun games! They are, honestly, pretty much the only games we play. And we play games a lot. At least one or two a day, if not more. These games are always a blast to play – and my kiddos learn and have no idea they are doing so! ThinkFun hit the ball out of the park again with Zingo: Word Builder!

Crafts Calendar Box Keepsake

How to Make a Calendar Box Keepsake | #DIY

Are you trying to think of a cute way to store photos and daily activities to pass on to your children when they are older? I know some moms keep calendars and write something on each day, and some send emails to an account they have set up for their kids. Here is what I am doing for my girls.


EcoCycled Print Review

As you all know, I am a huge fan of the environment. Anything we can do to make it a better place is alright in my book (no pun intended here guys!). So, upcycling anything, especially old books, is a really cool concept to me! When I came across EcoCycled on Etsy, I thought what they do is unique and quite frankly, pretty darn awesome. As I have stated before, I love wall art – I love decorating. I contacted EcoCycled and they offered me a print – any print I wanted – to review as well as an amazing giveaway – but we will get to that a little later. It look me a little while to decide. I loved the Cat in the Hat prints because I knew exactly where I would put them (my girls have a little reading corner/area and it was a little bare for my liking). But, the Geek in me was being pulled to the Star Wars (did you know hubby and I went to Star Wars Weekend at Disney World for our honeymoon and MET Jeremy Bulloch – Boba Fett!!) and Harry Potter prints.. I ultimately sided with my love for my girls and chose an adorable Cat in the Hat print with a quote about reading – “You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book. Dr. Seuss”.

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