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Plan the Ultimate Disney Themed Party

If you are looking to plan the ultimate Disney or Disney-Pixar Themed Party – then I have the book for you. Fittingly titled, The Ultimate Disney Party Book from EDDA USA, is filled with ideas to make your favorite Disney movies come to life! Just browsing through this book filled me with wonder. Not to mention my daughters squealing as I turned the pages. My oldest turns 4 next month and she wanted every party theme in this book.

Crafts Tomorrowland


Ever since I saw the first preview for TOMORROWLAND, I have been dying to see it! First of all – it stars George Clooney (what, he is a great actor) and Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, anyone?). I love the futuristic look of it – and you guys know me – I love all things Disney! I cannot wait to take my oldest daughter to it this weekend. I have been counting the days for quite some time now. Since it opens in theaters everything THIS WEEKEND prepare yourself with some fun activity sheets for the kids. Just click the links below to download them.

Crafts Avengers Memory

Avengers: Age of Ultron Memory Game

Today is the day! Avengers is open in theaters everywhere! I went to see it last night and all I can say is go see it! Do it the right way, spoil yourself, and see it in IMAX 3D – you will not be disappointed. I am hoping to go see it again while it is in theaters. Being a HUGE Marvel Geek this movie was everything that I wanted it to be, and more. I beg of you, go see it! Even if you are not that in to comics, you are sure to love this movie. It is packed with action, comedy – and it is a great story. It is an all star cast – every actor was the perfect choice to play their character. I cannot complain about one thing! Please, please, please, go see it!

Crafts chalk pens

Chalk Markers for Family Fun!

My daughters love to color and draw. They could do that all day – so they were super excited when I brought home some Chalk Markers for them to play with! It opened up so many more possibilities of fun and they love them! With these markers you can write on chalkboards, blackboards, windows, whiteboards, plastic, mirrors, and more! They are a ton of fun when it comes to craft time and the girls have a blast with them!

Crafts Inside Out

FREE Inside Out Family Activity Printables

I love to spend time with my daughters doing different crafts and activities. Every morning, we head to the computer and my 3.5 year picks out some printables that she wants to do that day. She usually picks out things for her 2 year old sister, but sometimes her sister gets upon my lap and decides too. Ever since we booked our Disney trip, whenever the girls see that signature “D” they flip out. So of course, Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out has been a big hit in this house. Every single time a preview comes on they both jump up and down and beg to go see it. I promised them that opening weekend in June, we will be there.

Crafts Color Tiara

Colour A Princess Tiara

I am always looking for fun crafts and activities to do with my daughters. Lately they have been really into dress up and coloring – so when I came across the Colour A Princess Tiara from Great Pretenders, I knew it was something they would really enjoy!

Crafts Cinderella 2015

Free Cinderella Coloring Sheet Printables

Cinderella is in theaters now and I cannot wait to go see it! I love all things Disney. My husband and I honeymooned there and most recently booked our second trip to take the girls (they will be 2.5 and 4 when we go). This is lucky visit #15 for me and it never gets old. I feel like a kid again when I go. Cinderella has always been one of my favorite stories. It is truly a classic. I have heard such great things about this movie and how well they stuck to the true story of Cinderella. To help celebrate the release of Cinderella, click below to download 9 printable Cinderella coloring sheets – my girls loved them!

Crafts Play Foam

Playfoam from Educational Insights

I love finding fun items to do crafts and creative things with. Since I am a stay at home mom, I enjoy doing new things with the girls when we can. And we have been stuck inside for a long time thanks to this bitter cold and snowy winter, so we were all happy to discover Playfoam from Educational Insights! Playfoam can be molded in to any shape and comes in a variety of colors. Mix it up for multi-colored fun or keep them separate – it’s up to you!

Crafts Cinderella

Cinderella & Frozen Fever in Theaters Now!

Do you plan to see Cinderella this weekend? I know I want to go! OK, mainly because of Frozen Fever (huge fan here!) but I do want to see Cinderella as well. If my daughters were a little older, we would definitely be going to see it in the theater. I am hoping to convince my husband that a date night for this is in order! Below are some fun activity sheets that you can download to help you celebrate the long awaited release of Cinderella this weekend – just click the link to download them.

Crafts Rubber Duckies Duck Tape

Easter DIY with Duck Tape

I love making DIY projects with my girls. They are a little young to fully understand sometimes, but we still have fun. I always have them help me out when making decorations for holidays. Since I am Greek, I always host a special Orthodox Easter for my in-laws at my house. This year I thought it would be fun to have the girls help make some DIY Duck Tape projects that I found!

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