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The Good Dinosaur Pumpkin Stencil {& New Activity Sheets!}

I don’t know about you, but I am counting down the days until The Good Dinosaur is in theaters! My girls have been asking me nearly every day when we will be going to see it. They are not exactly thrilled when I tell them it will be about a month, but they are excited that we plan to take them opening day. This movie is going to be so good – I just know it. I got to see a little bit of the footage at the D23 Expo this past summer and WOW! Disney/Pixar is bringing it with this one guys. There will be lots of feels, so take tissues along. In the spirit of Halloween (this weekend!) I wanted to share with you a Good Dinosaur pumpkin stencil. Someone please carve this and send me a picture, I would love to see it! There are also some new activity sheets for you to print and share with your kiddos! Have fun!

Crafts RELAX Mandala Coloring Book

Coloring is Not Just For Kids Anymore | #HGG #Giveaway

I love to color. It has always been something that I like to do to relax and de-stress. As a matter of fact, on my honeymoon to Disney (6 years ago now), I bought a Disney Princess coloring book that I have been coloring in for years. I was so excited when I had my girls because I knew that soon enough I would have a couple of lifetime coloring buddies (or at least for several years). Recently adult coloring parties have been all the rage and I am so excited about this! There is nothing like a good coloring session to melt away the stress and get the brain working. Coloring is such a great way to express your emotions and your creativity! I was so excited to discover the RELAX Mandala coloring book that is specifically made for adults.d your creativity! I was so excited to discover the


Disney Live! Free Printable Activity Sheets including Pumpkin Stencil | #Disney #Printables

I am getting really excited for Disney Live! next month (November 15 at The Oncenter). I cannot wait for it to come to my town. I have partnered with Feld Entertainment to bring you guys some fun (and free!) printable activity sheets. My girls have been having a blast with these all morning! They even found a pumpkin stencil they can both agree on (finally) so it looks like we will have a Mickey pumpkin this year! We just got back from a week at Disney World so these were a lot of fun for them. Download the activities below for lots of Disney fun with your little ones, and don’t forget to find Disney Live! presents Three Classic Fairy Tales Presented by Stonyfield YoKids Organic Yogurt near you!

Crafts oogie boogie trick or treat bags

DIY Oogie Boogie Inspired Trick or Treat Bags Perfect for MNSSHP | #DIY #Halloween #Disney

My fellow blogger and friend over at As The Bunny Hops recently posted an amazing DIY duct tape bag that she made to look like Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I showed my husband and asked if he thought we could make them a little bit bigger and use them as the girls’ trick or treat bags for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Disney World when we go. He pondered for a moment and then said “well, why not – but with actual burlap instead of duct tape.” So we headed to our local craft store and the rest is history!


Monstrous Fun to Have with your Little Monster | #ActivityBook

My four year old loves activity books. She is getting really good at doing word searches and spot the difference and other puzzles like that all on her own and I think that is why. She is also really big in to all things spooky and scary and monsters. This year she wanted her birthday party to be Nightmare Before Christmas. I knew right away that she would love Monstrous Fun – and she does. She gets a kick out of the fact that it says “Not for Humans” on the front. She tells me every time that she pulls it out that they are just joking because she is a human.

Crafts Juicy Juice

Snack Time & Craft Time with Juicy Juice | #JuicyJuice

This summer with my young daughters has been a ton of fun. We have done so many projects, activities, and played a lot of games. We have truly spent a lot of time bonding and I am sad that summer is coming to an end. They love Juicy Juice – and of course I love it too because it is 100% juice. It is one of the only non-milk and non-water drinks I allow them to have. As if you needed another reason to love them, Juicy Juice has embarked upon a broad visual makeover, including an all-new logo. A freshly designed new website features rich content including a parent’s corner, activities, and recipes for families to enjoy together.

Crafts MLP Friendship Giveaway Small

How to Celebrate #MLPFriendshipDay + #MyLittlePony Prize Pack #Giveaway #PlayLikeHasbro

We love Hasbro and My Little Pony in our house so imagine the excitement when I found out that Hasbro has teamed with youth service movement generationOn for a day-long celebration that encourages and empowers kids around the world to make their mark on friendship through volunteerism! I strongly believe that this is something super important for kids to learn and am really excited to celebrate #MLPFriendshipDay this year with my young daughters! It is really easy to participate – just act the way your fellow pony friends would – by getting involved in simple service projects and performing acts of kindness that help others while strengthening the bond of friendship.


#Free Ant-Man Family Activity Pack: Match Game, Coloring Sheets, & More

I am so beyond super excited for Ant-Man this weekend! I was planning on going tonight but it is my mom’s last night in town visiting so we are pushing it off until tomorrow night. I will be sure to let you guys all know what I think of it though. As a huge fan of the comic books, I think that Paul Rudd is going be great as Scott Lang. I am eager to see how the movie is done and the plot line they have chosen. I have heard to be sure to stay through TWO sets of credits! I shared a special Ant-Man inspired Cinnamon Raisin Cupcake & Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe with you recently and now I have a huge 20-page Family Activity Pack for you! It is filled with coloring pages, mazes, spot the differences, and more!

Crafts nail art

Inside Out Nail Art & More! #InsideOutEvent

OK everyone – TODAY IS THE DAY! Inside Out is in theaters everywhere and you need to go see this. It is a must-see summer movie that kids and adults are sure to love. I just got back from seeing it with my daughters, my husband, and my mom. We all laughed, and a few us shed some tears (guilty!). In order to celebrate this JOYful day – I have a few fun (and FREE) printables for you to download.

Crafts Play-Doh PlayLIkeHasbro

Fun with My Little Pony & Marvel Play-Doh

My daughters and I love Play-Doh. They have so much fun creating things and using their imaginations – and I love to see them learn with it. I have been told by my older daughter’s teacher that cutting Play-Doh is really good for their hand dexterity as well – so we pull it out several times a week. I love watching the wheels in their heads spin as they build with Play-Doh. They have a Play-Doh Cake Mountain that they love (read that review here) and so I was really excited to find out that Hasbro came out with some more fun playsets!