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Nut Milk Bag from Everyday Kitchen Essentials Review

I am addicted to almond milk. There, I said it. When I started my weight loss journey, one of the main things I did was limit my dairy intake. Every single human is intolerant to dairy to some extent. That is a fact. Cows milk was meant for…cows…shocker! Anyways, so I started drinking coconut milk. I liked it, but it was a little too watery for me, so I tried almond milk. Wow, the difference was incredible. I LOVE it! Especially vanilla almond milk on my cereal in the morning…mmm…now I am drooling. I have a huge sweet tooth so adding this to “plain” cereals like Cheerios and Corn Flakes helped me eat a lot healthier!

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Red, White, & Blue Deviled Eggs | #Recipe

Happy 4th of July everyone! This holiday I will be spending time with family at a backyard BBQ & campout! This will span the whole long weekend! I am so excited! For dinners we all bring a dish to pass. My husband I could not decide what to bring – all the common things were taken (pasta salad, tossed salad, fruit salad). As you probably know, we raise chickens and thought – hmmm why not deviled eggs! I then remembered that my cousin made pastel colored deviled eggs for Easter and thought I could do that with Red & Blue dye for festive Independence Day eggs!

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