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Start Your Morning Right With Lyfe Tea | #LyfeTea #SkinnyTea

I love tea. I have always been a tea person. It brings back memories of my teenage years and hanging out with my Aunt’s house drinking tea – feeling so grown up. So for me, tea can be a comfort thing. It is also very good for you and there are many blends out there that state they do so much more. So when I was asked to try Skinny Lyfe Tea out, I thought, why not?

Food & Drink

Fun Holiday Cookie Mixes Review PLUS a Giveaway!

I love to bake with my daughters. They are still young but the love to help pour ingredients in and mix things up with me. They are such big helpers! I was really excited when these cookie kits from In The Mix arrived because I knew my girls would think they were a lot of fun and we would have a blast making them!

Food & Drink

Snacks with a Higher Standard!

I am a huge snacker. Well actually, my whole family is. One of us is always heading to the pantry for something to munch on. This can be really dangerous if you do not have the right kind of snacks in the house. I was super excited to try a wide variety of snacks from Simply 7. I know they have 7 pretty outstanding standards when it comes to their snacks.

Food & Drink

Big Slice Apples Review & Giveaway

My Big Slice Apples arrived really well packed! My initial reaction was that I was surprised at how big the individual pouches were! I really did not expect them to hold so much – I thought they would be more like those little “sucky fruits” (as we call them) for kiddos. I pretty much immediately opened up the French Toast flavor and WOW! It was so good! Just the right amount of apple mixed in the sauce. Every bite got better.

Food & Drink

Two Rivers Coffee – Mega Sampler Pack Review & Giveaway!

I am a huge fan of coffee. My husband and I both love it. We have several cups a day. I need at least one in the morning in order to function, and usually another around naptime to keep myself going. Then of course a cup at night to relax. We love to try out new coffees and this Mega Sampler Pack from Two Rivers Coffee is a great way to do it – without having to buy a bunch of different boxes of coffee!

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