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Food & Drink March 7, 2017

Why I Love Brooklyn Bean Coney Island Caramel Coffee | #BBR

I am one of those people that cannot get through my morning without a cup of coffee or two. If I don’t have coffee, I just cannot function. In order to get healthier, I have recently stopped using creamer and sugar in my coffee. It sounded awful at first but thanks to Brooklyn Bean Roastery, I have been able to actually enjoy black coffee. They have so many different flavors that I feel like I am still getting variety with my coffee. One of my all time favorite flavors is their Coney Island Caramel Coffee.

Food & Drink February 11, 2017

Valentine’s Day “No Bake” Cupcake Cake & Treats | #ValentinesDay #Recipe

My girls and I love being creative in the kitchen, especially around the holidays. But let’s be honest, sometimes there just isn’t time to do the baking part. To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we decided to go ahead and let Otis Spunkmeyer handle the baking part for us (because they are amazing at it) and we would have fun with the decorating part. We started with some of their mini cupcakes – chocolate and vanilla – and decided to turn them into a Valentine’s Day Cupcake Cake! We purchased some pink strawberry frosting and some sprinkles and got to work. You can do this yourself and it is REALLY easy (and delicious).

Food & Drink February 2, 2017

Start Your Morning Right With Wakey Wakey Coffee from Java Factory Roasters | #Giveaway #PSILoveYou

I recently started taking a few steps to live a healthier lifestyle. One of those things was cutting out creamer from my coffee. As someone who drinks a minimum of four coffees a day, this is hard for me. I have always enjoyed creamer in my coffee. Last week I decided to cut creamer out all together and I tried coffee solo. The coffee I chose was Wakey Wakey from Java Factory Roasters – and not only could I stomach it, after a few cups I was enjoying it! This was the perfect coffee to start with as it is a light roast, but has a great flavor.

Food & Drink January 21, 2017

Healthy, Delicious, & Easy Open Face Egg Salad Sandwich | #NSNation #Recipe

Egg salad has always been a favorite in our house, however, the mayonnaise is not very good for you. We decided to come up with a healthier alternative – and it turned out to be amazing! If you are on the Nutrisystem diet, this would count as 1 Powerfuel, 1 Smartcarb, and 1 Extra. If not, this is just a healthy alternative to an egg salad sandwich. Enjoy!

Collectibles & Subscriptions, Food & Drink December 29, 2016

Why You Should Subscribe to Sweets Gift Box | #SweetsGiftBox

I have been receiving Pet Gift Box for over a year now – and we love it! Our dogs are always thrilled with the new toys and treats that they discover stuffed in their monthly subscription box that shows up at our door. So when I found out that Pet Gift Box was starting a Sweets Gift Box for us humans with a sweet tooth, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait for my first box to arrive, and I was super excited when it did.

Food & Drink December 24, 2016

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Peanut Butter Cup Hot Cocoa Is The Perfect Winter Drink | #BBR

When the cold winter hits upstate New York, there is only one thing that can warm me up – hot cocoa. I love to sit in my kitchen or living room with a big mug of it to keep the chills away. I have always been a fan of hot cocoa – but when I recently discovered Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s Peanut Butter Hot Cocoa, I knew it was going to quickly become a favorite of mine. Reese’s are one of my favorite candies because I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

Food & Drink December 4, 2016

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Seasonal Flavored Coffees Holiday #Giveaway

If you love coffee as much as I do – or even just a fraction of how much I do – I want to let you in on a little known secret. Brooklyn Bean Roastery Seasonal Flavored Coffees are amazing – and supe addicting! The Red Velvet is probably my most favorite coffee ever. With a dash of french vanilla cream, I feel like I am enjoying a delicious cupcake! BBR’s Gingerbread Man is another delicious flavor that reminds me of the holidays. It is the perfect coffee for cold winter mornings, or nights, on the porch.

Food & Drink November 13, 2016

Brooklyn Bean Roastery Midnight Hot Chocolate | #BBR

The cold weather is here and to me that means one thing – hot chocolate and cuddling with my young daughters. I am someone who relies on coffee to get through my day, but when it comes to the fall and winter, I need at least one steaming cup of hot cocoa too. And it helps that my 3 and 5 year old agree with me. Nearly every night we gather on the front porch or the back patio, sit under a blanket on a bench, and talk about our days over hot chocolate. This is a tradition that I hope continues as they get older (although I am expecting that it will dwindle during the teenage years).