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Disney the nutcracker and the four realms

Disney’s The Nutcracker and The Four Realms Is A Great Family Film!

When Disney’s The Nutcracker and The Four Realms hit theaters last year, the timing never worked out for me to go see it. So I was really excited when an advance copy showed up at my doorstep to watch with my family. Not only is the movie magical and beautiful, the story is great as well. My young daughters were glued to the TV screen while it was on and loved every second of it. Then we had to check out my favorite part of a home release, the bonus features. Trust me when I say The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is a must pick up for families!

Movies kid who would be king interview

7 Things I Learned at The Kid Who Would Be King Press Conference

My daughter and I have been over the moon excited about The Kid Who Would Be King since we saw the first trailer. We knew this was a movie we would both love, and were thrilled to be invited by Fox for a special weekend in NYC to celebrate it’s release. We screened the movie, my daughter trained to be a knight, and we attended a press conference with the cast. Including Sir Patrick Stewart (Professor X, Captain Picard, real life Knight…). Yea, that was amazing. Also in the interview was Louis Ashbourne Serkis, Rhianna Dorris and Director Joe Cornish!


Celebrate Disney’s New Show Sydney to the Max With A Girl’s Night

My girls are getting older and while there are many things I will miss about them being little, there are many things I am excited for as well. My oldest has started watching what we call “real people shows” and I love cuddling up with her to watch them. The Disney Channel has become something special between the two of us, and I am really excited for the new show, Sydney to the Max. We watched the trailer together and she can’t wait either!

Movies kid who would be king excalibur

The Kid Who Would Be King Will Teach Your Kids (and You) Valuable Lessons

When I first saw the trailer for The Kid Who Would Be King, I was super excited! This looked like a movie that I could take my oldest daughter to see and we would both enjoy it. There is a lot of sorcery and it seemed like a fun new take on the story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. So imagine how excited my daughter and I were when Fox invited us to NYC to see the movie before it hit theaters! Honestly, we were both blown away. This movie was better than I could have ever imagined, and I can’t wait to see it again!

FanGirl Friday

Future Man Season 2 is Almost Better Than The First Season

Very rarely a sequel, or second season of a television show, is better than the first. Well, season 2 of Future Man just dropped on Hulu this past weekend and it came damn close. The first season blew me away. It made me fall even more in love with Josh Hutchinson as an actor. Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson quickly because two of my favorite actors as well. And now, their growth and change in season two – amazing. Sure there were some obvious twists, but it didn’t take away from how great this season is. 

Home Life Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

How Amazon Devices Can Help With Your New Year’s Resolutions

My house is filled with smart devices that help us with every day tasks. Every single room, including my daughter’s rooms, have an Amazon device. So have several Echo Dots, two Echo Dot Kids Editions, and an Echo Plus. On New Year’s Eve night my family wrote down a list of our resolutions and posted up in the kitchen. Alexa has been a huge help so far in helping us stick to our resolutions. I think we might actually stick them all year thanks to her!


We Finally Have the Spider-Man: Far From Home Teaser Trailer!

Oh my goodness guys, we FINALLY have the Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser trailer – and it was so worth the wait! WOW! I love Mysterio in the comics and I was really scared that he would look cheesy. Because, let’s be honest here, he has a cheesy costume. But he doesn’t! He looks amazing! And I feel like even though we didn’t learn much, we learned a few things.

Crafts gigantosaurus clothespin puppet open

Meet Your New Best Dino Friends From Disney’s Gigantosaurus With This Fun Craft!

A new show, Gigantosaurus is coming to the Disney Junior block on the Disney Channel this Friday (January 18th). I was able to watch a screener and I promise you that kids (and parents) are going to love this show! It is a lot of fun, and my daughters and I instantly fell in love with the group of dinosaur friends that star in the show – Mazu, Tiny, Bill, and Rocky. My youngest daughter really loves the Gigantosaurus too, who isn’t as mean as you might expect. In order to celebrate this new show, I am sharing with you this craft that is super easy to make, and kids are sure to have unlimited fun with!

Television the masked singer

The Masked Singer Review & My Celebrity Predictions | #TheMaskedSinger

I finally got around to watching the first two episodes of The Masked Singer – and I am hooked! My husband and I were glued to the TV, especially during the clue videos. We immediately started with our guesses on who each contestant was. Some of the ones that I came up with, the judges have guessed as well. We didn’t get the Hippo right, but we did know he would be a football player. And the Pinapple was just SO obvious to us! But who are the other animals? Here are my guesses!

Entertainment universal hollywood marge simpson

Is the Express Pass Worth It When Visiting Universal Studios Hollywood?

I recently took a trip with some friends of mine to check out Universal Studios Hollywood. We had so much fun – largely in part to the Express Pass. This allowed us to take our time and not stress about running from ride to ride to make sure we got them all in. I have had several friends and family ask me if purchasing an Express Pass is worth it when visiting – and my answer is YES! So worth it! And here is why.

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