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Entertainment Brian Regan

Brian Regan Announces Summer/Fall Tour!

I love Brian Regan! He is so funny, and best of all, he is a clean comedian. I am able to crack up listening to his CDs and not have to worry about my daughters being within ear shot. One of my favorite of his rants is about “you too”. If you have never heard him before, you need to. I have always wanted to see him live and now I have a chance to!

Crafts Cinderella

Cinderella & Frozen Fever in Theaters Now!

Do you plan to see Cinderella this weekend? I know I want to go! OK, mainly because of Frozen Fever (huge fan here!) but I do want to see Cinderella as well. If my daughters were a little older, we would definitely be going to see it in the theater. I am hoping to convince my husband that a date night for this is in order! Below are some fun activity sheets that you can download to help you celebrate the long awaited release of Cinderella this weekend – just click the link to download them.

Entertainment Daniel Tiger

PBS Kids 2 DVD Pack Giveaway!

My girls (OK, and me too) love PBS Kids. It is on in our house pretty much every morning. My daughters love Daniel Tiger, Dinosaur Train, Super Why, & Peg+Cat like they were family. If you have not watched PBS Kids with your little ones, you really need to. They have tons of great shows for children that are fun, educational, and that parents love too. I have yet to find a show on PBS Kids that we do not enjoy watching. We also play at a lot – my 3.5 year old loves giving Daniel Tiger’s little sister a bath and having a tea party with him and his friends!

Collectibles & Subscriptions Feb 2015 Horror Block

FanGirl Friday: February 2015 Horror Block

I am a huge fan of horror. If my husband and I are sitting down to a movie, I more often than not request a horror movie. One of my all time favorite shows is The Walking Dead – I just love zombies (like, to the point where my 3 year old loves zombies as well)! One of my favorite authors is Stephen King, but I enjoy reading all horror books. When I was growing up, I read a lot, and I always loved reading Goosebumps and Fear Street books. Something about being scared is just – well – it’s pretty awesome. So when I found out that there was a Horror Pop Culture Subscription Box – Horror Block – I was so excited! I knew right away that it had to be good because it came from the same people as Nerd Block, which I love.

Collectibles & Subscriptions Feb Surviving Momhood small

My February The Surviving Momhood Box

I love The Surviving Momhood subscription box! It is one of my favorite monthly treats that I get just for me. Well, I shouldn’t say just for me – because one of the things I love most about Surviving Momhood is they always add something for your child(ren). February 2015’s The Surviving Momhood Box was all about pampering if you ask me – shower items, home goods items, and of course candy. In another week or two, I will have a full review of all the products I received, but right now I just want to tell you what I got. If you are interested in subscribing to this box, click here, be sure to tell them Mama Smith sent you!

Entertainment Stone Age Smackdown

The Flintstones & WWE Blu-ray + DVD Giveaway

I used to love watching The Flintstones growing up. I have been sharing them with my daughters when I can, and they are growing to love them too! The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown will be available on Blu-ray combo pack TOMORROW – 3/10 – and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it earlier this week. We have already watched it twice through – my girls love it! We had a lot of fun doing some of the downloadable activities and laughing at the movie. All your favorite WWE stars make appearances as well, which makes the movie even more fun!

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