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Peg + Cat: Pirates Ahoy! DVD Review

My girls LOVE Peg + Cat! PBS Kids is their absolute favorite thing to watch. I don’t know that I want to admit this but we usually have the TV on in the background while playing in the mornings and PBS Kids is always on. When Peg + Cat first started, my 3 year old did not like it. But, that was because it messed up her schedule and Word World was no longer on. Once she gave it a fair shot, it became a favorite! I love that it really helps the girls with their math. Even my (almost) 2 year old answers the questions right a lot and helps them solve problems! I was so excited to see that they were releasing a new DVD- PEG + CAT: PIRATES AHOY! AND OTHER REALLY BIG PROBLEMS – because I know it would be a great addition to our DVD collection!

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Our November PetBox in Detail

Our little Khaleesi girl is super spoiled and she knows it. We just cannot help but do it though, that cute pug face – we love that little girl. She really is our third daughter! That is one reason we love PetBox so much. We get to try out new treats, foods, and toys! We get to see what she enjoys so we know what to buy her later. Our November PetBox was amazing – as always! You can subscribe at but be sure to use the code “MamaSmith” for 10% off!


Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 4-PAC DVD

My husband and I have both always been big fans of Pac-Man. As avid video gamers since we were young, he is staple. We have watched the TV show numerous times with our daughters and we love all of the references that it makes. It is a show that the whole family can enjoy. And I personally love sharing part of my childhood with my girls! I was excited to receive the Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 4-PAC DVD because I knew it would be a Family Movie Night favorite!


Add Some Laughs to Family Fun Night with Snake Oil from OTB Games!

I love to play games with a large group. It is always a lot of fun to just hang out, enjoying each other’s company, and have a game night! I love that my in-laws live only about 5 minutes away because we get together a lot. We really are a fun group of people and we love to laugh! That is why I was really excited to play Snake Oil Party Potion from Out of the Box Games with everyone! I just knew we would have a blast!

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My November PetBox has arrived!

Khalessi has really come to know that this big blue box means that she is getting lots of new goodies! She gets really excited when she sees it now. I was so happy when the November PetBox arrived because she was in need of some new toys. Be sure to Subscribe Here and use the code MamaSmith to get 10% off your order!

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