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My December Surviving Momhood Box in Detail

I look forward to my Surviving Momhood Box every month. I just know that it will be jam packed full of amazing goodies. Things that I need, things that I want, things that I will keep for myself, and things I will share with my daughters. My December box is one of my favorites so far! It is very very cold up here in upstate New York and my box was filled with just what I needed to stay warm! Subscribe here and tell them Mama Smith sent you!

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A STEM Box Sure to Get a Great REACTION #giveaway

I love craft boxes. I am a little bit addicted to them and if I could sign up for all of them, I would. My girls get so excited when I tell them that another box full of goodies for us came. They cannot get enough of them. My husband is an engineer and was a nuclear mechanic in the U.S. Navy for 9 years. So he is a HUGE advocate of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities for children. When I told him about the Learn Garden box that would be coming and that it was filled with STEM activities – he got so excited!

Collectibles & Subscriptions Loot Crate

December Anniversary Loot Crate

I look forward to my Loot Crate every month. I am always so excited to rip it open (carefully of course) and see what geeky goodies are in it. I am such a nerd mom for those you that are new to this blog. I was really excited for December’s Loot Crate because they have been teasing all month that it was going to be the biggest one yet. And they were not kidding!

Collectibles & Subscriptions

Our December Nerd Block Jr was Incredible!

I am a Geek at heart – a nerd, a gamer – that is me, and I love who I am. My husband is one too, so we cannot help but raise our girls to have at least a slight nerdy side to them as well. In our house we love video games, and comic books, and Star Wars – the list goes on. That is why Nerd Block is a subscription box really appeals to everyone in the house. We are currently receiving the Nerd Block Jr Girls for our two young daughters – but they have a Nerd Block Jr Boys as well as a Nerd Block for us geeky adults.

Collectibles & Subscriptions

Cooper Kit Review A Subscription Box for Dads & Their Kids!

My daughters love to do crafts and activities. But what they love even more than doing them with me, is doing them with their daddy. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I stay home with them and he is at work. They do not see him as often as they would like and so any time with him they can get, they really appreciate it. That is why we were all so excited for the Cooper Kit to arrive! This is a subscription box for dads and their kids. Their motto is “Making Dads Cooler Than Moms” – I say trying anyways, right ladies?


Even More Family Fun with Winning Moves Games Giveaway!

My family loves to play games. Whether it is just me and the girls, all 4 of us, or our extended family and friends – game nights are a blast in our house! We are actually in the process of remodeling our basement and will be using some board games to create a bar/counter/game area! I am so excited about that and cannot wait to see how it comes out! One of my favorite game companies is Winning Moves Games.

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