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Twister – A Classic Game! GIVEAWAY HOP ALERT

I was really excited to finally get Twister from Winning Moves so I can share it with my girls! My youngest is still a little young – not even 2 yet. But my 3 year old was pretty good at it! We played through as a family a couple times but then she wanted to try it herself. Twister was actually a good learning tool! Not just color recognition, but learning her right from her left. She loved it! Don’t mind the blurry picture, it was just too cute not to share!


Zingo!® Word Builder

As most of you should know by now, my family and I love ThinkFun games! They are, honestly, pretty much the only games we play. And we play games a lot. At least one or two a day, if not more. These games are always a blast to play – and my kiddos learn and have no idea they are doing so! ThinkFun hit the ball out of the park again with Zingo: Word Builder!


Shell Game Review

Shell Game ReviewAnother amazing game from #ThinkFun! When I got approved to receive this game…


Robot Turtles Board Game Review

I am lucky enough that ThinkFun chose me to receive this game for free in order to review it! I was so excited when I found out because my 3 year old is really in to board games now. She would rather sit at the table and play games all day than spend time outside, or even watch TV! I am not exaggerating when I say we play board games for at least 3 solid hours every day in our house. We only own three games that are age appropriate for her so it has been the same thing over…and over…and over….this mama was very excited to be getting a new game to switch things up! And Robot Turtles did not disappoint!

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