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Books Easter Bunny Dust

Easter Bunny Dust Book Giveaway

When The Magical Tale of Easter Bunny Dust came to the door, my 3.5 year old immediately recognized that it was just like Santa dust. She could not wait to read it. She held tightly on to the bag of Easter Bunny dust as we read the story. The story itself is similar to the Santa dust story, which means it is great. It brought tears to my eyes, yet again. My girls cannot wait to sprinkle the Easter Bunny dust out the night before the bunny makes a stop at our house. I do not want to give away the story, but the Easter Bunny dust will sparkle in the moonlight to help guide the Easter Bunny to your home. Start a new Easter tradition with this incredible book.

Books Beyond Championships

Beyond Championships Giveaway

I love to read pretty much any type of book. I like fiction, non-fiction, inspirational, fantasy – you name it, I will try it. My husband is a huge basketball fan as well, so when I heard about Beyond Championships: A Playbook for Winning at Life by Coach Dru Joyce II, I knew we had to get it. My husband flew through this book and said he really enjoyed it. It was full of inspiring messages and he urged me to read it. I really liked it as well! The foreword by Lebron James is great and the book really kept my attention the whole way through. This is a great read for anyone!

Books Lucky Is Reading

Texas K-9 Unit Book Series Giveaway

I was lucky enough to be introduced to this great book series – Texas K-9 Unit. I love to read and as soon as I started the first book, I knew that I would be hooked on this series! It is suspenseful and romantic and just a great read. I flew through the first book and quickly on to the second. I am still in the middle of that right now, but I am excited to know that I have the third one waiting for me already. I love shows like Criminal Minds and Law & Order and this book series really reminds me of them.

Books Gridiron

The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron

I am a huge football fan. My team, the New England Patriots, are currently the World Champions – woohoo! That being said, I could still earn a lot about the sport. I love it and enjoy reading about it whenever I can. I was really excited to dive in to The Modern Girls’ Guide to the Gridiron and see what it was all about.


The Berenstain Bears’ Book Giveaway

We love to read in this house. It is something we do plenty of every day. We read in the morning, we read before naps, we read before bed. I remember reading The Berenstain Bears’ books with my mom growing up. They are something I really wish I still had. We had tons of them. Now, as a mom myself, I love them even more. They teach kids great values in a fun way.

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