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After watching some footage of Descendants 2, our first interview was Cameron Boyce. Cameron plays Carlos in Descendants and Descendants 2, who happens to be one of my favorite VKs (Villain Kids). Cruela DeVille is one of my favorite villains and so naturally I like Carlos, who is her son. Cameron was amazing in the first film, and even better in Descendants 2 from what I saw. It seems like we will see a lot more of Carlos! In our interview, Cameron talked about the set, the training, and more.

One of my favorite things about Descendants was the costumes. I am a huge fan of the villains and so I loved seeing all the badass costumes that were inspired by them. Don’t get me wrong, the princess and prince costumes were great too, but I fell in love with the VKs clothes. While in LA a few months ago, I not only got to chat with the cast and see some of Descendants 2, I was able to talk with costume designer, Kara Saun. I loved hearing about her inspirations and the process that she goes through. Descendants 2 airs on July 21st, don’t miss it!

While in LA recently, I was lucky enough to check out some footage of Descendants 2 and talk with the cast and crew. One of my favorite interviews was with Director/Executive Producer/Co-Choreographer Kenny Ortega, Executive Producer Wendy Japhet, and Screenwriter Sara Parriott. Kenny Ortega is a legend guys – I mean, Hocus Pocus & Dirty Dancing. I always enjoy picking the brains of those that work behind the scenes to make our favorite movies. 

When in LA recently I was lucky enough to talk with Dove Cameron, who plays Mal in Descendants and Descendants 2. She was beyond sweet and I just loved our time with her. Speaking with her, I could tell how much she loves playing Mal and how much the character means to her. She is one of the few actresses that my young girls really look up to, and having met her, I can say I am very thankful of that. 

One of my favorite people to interview is Sofia Carson. I was lucky enough to talk with her and Sabrina Carpenter when Adventures in Babysitting was coming out, and now again for Descendants 2. Sofia is insanely sweet – and it makes me feel good that my young daughters look up to her. After the interview, I mentioned how my oldest wants to be Evie, and Sofia made a video for the kids of us bloggers! I can tell you that I earned some serious cool mom points because of that.

China McClain is joining the cast of Descendants in Descendants 2 as Uma, Ursula’s daughter. Ursula has always been one of my favorite Disney Villains so I was eager to learn about Uma when in LA for the Descendants 2 Event a couple months ago. From the footage we were lucky enough to see, Uma is pretty amazing. She is strong and powerful, and China plays her perfectly.

We are Disney fanatics in our home and have really been looking forward to see Cars 3. On opening weekend, we decided to go see it, and are very glad we did. My husband and I really enjoyed the movie and thought it shared a great lesson for kids and society in general. However, our girls were maybe a tad young (and tired) for it – they are 4 and (just turning) 6. I do think this is still a must see movie, but for the younger kids, perhaps waiting until it is on DVD and Disney Movies Anywhere is best.

Who doesn’t love a good Disney•Pixar movie? I know I do. Some of my all time favorite movies are Pixar – Cars, Toy Story, & Inside Out. I can always count on them to make me cry. You still can’t say Bing Bong in my presence without me shedding a few tears and don’t even get me started on the end of Toy Story 3. So whenever a new trailer for one of their movies comes out, I am sure to start stocking up on tissues. COCO is one that I have been looking forward to since I heard about it at the Animation Panel at D23 two years ago.

I grew up loving Beauty and the Beast. I have watched it at least 100 times. Belle has always been my favorite Disney Princess – and I am not sure anyone will top her on my list. When I was a little girl, you could always find me with my nose in a book, which is why I think I relate to her so well. Ever since Disney announced they were making a live action Beauty and the Beast, I have been dying to see it. Every time they release a trailer or image, I grow more and more excited. Well, they just released the final trailer during The Bachelor tonight and I was blown away! I got chills and my eyes teared up – it is going to be amazing folks! Watch it here.

I love inspirational and heartwarming movies. Especially those that empower women. That is what I got with Queen of Katwe. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to see it when it was in theaters last year because it did not play in my little local theater (the down side to living in upstate New York). So when I received an advance copy courtesy of Disney, I could barely wait to watch it. I had been told about it and had read about it, but nothing could prepare me for how much I would enjoy this film. If you like feel good movies based on true stories – this one is for you.