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DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games – Digital Release 5/9 & DVD 5/23

We are big comic book fans in our house. I have been reading comics since I was a little girl and so I have started my daughters already a little bit. But more than read the comics, we watch a lot of DC Comics shows like Teen Titans and DC Super Hero Girls. DC Super Hero Girls has quickly become a favorite in our house – I personally love it because of the lessons it teaches my girls. They have learned to be themselves and care about others a lot through this show.

DC TTG Bleacher Creatures

New Bleacher Creatures that Every Geek Needs – Teen Titans Go & DC Super Hero Girls

Bleacher Creatures are one of my all time favorite plush companies. I have tons of them on display on the couch in my office and I love each and every one of them. I always get comments from friends and family when they see them asking where they can get their own. From sports players, to political influencers, to geeky ones like Marvel and DC Comics – Bleacher Creatures has thought of everything! I have never had an issue with mine, they are always well made – and totally adorable! I was super excited to hear that Bleacher Creatures is introducing two new sets of Bleacher Creatures – Teen Titans Go set 2 and DC Super Hero Girls! Both these shows are favorites in our house – so you know I cannot wait to add these guys to my collection!

DC Mech Vs Mutants

Pickup Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants On 9/13

I am a huge comic book nerd – which you probably know if you come here regularly. I was really excited to get an advance copy of Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants because I was really intrigued by the trailer. It seemed like something that my girls and I would like to watch together – and I was right! They really like super heroes (and villains) so this was right up their alley. My girls are 3 and 5 and it was not scary for them at all, so I think this movie is good for all ages. Even if you don’t have the first two (but you should pick them up) you can quickly get caught up to what is going on. We have watched it a few times already, and it is quickly becoming a favorite in our home! If you (or your kids) are DC fans, this is for you!

DC DC Super Hero Girls

DC SuperHero Girls: Hero of the Year Teaches Young Girls They Can Be Heroes

I am a total comic book nerd, and that is something I am working hard to pass on to my young daughters. My favorite female comic book characters include Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, so I was thrilled to receive DC SuperHero Girls: Hero of the Year! The day this showed up on my doorstep, the girls and I opened it up and watched it. My 5 year old was super into it – and OK, so was I. What a great movie! It even held my 3 year old’s attention all the way through. It was funny, cute, and has a wonderful lesson it teaches. As soon as it ended, my oldest asked to watch it again. This is already a huge hit in our house and I recommend it for anyone with little girls. It will teach them that they can be a hero too!


Suicide Squad Review

Hey everyone! I went to see Suicide Squad opening weekend and did a quick video review for you. Warning, at about the 3:30 minute mark, the spoilers start. Let me know what you thought about this movie in the comments if you have seen it already.


The Suicide Squad Bleacher Creatures Collection is Amazing

Suicide Squad hits theaters everywhere today, and I could not be anymore excited! It is well known that I am a Marvel girl, through and through – but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate DC Comics (some of them anyways). I have four DC Comics characters that I can use the word love when describing how I feel about them. They are (in no particular order) Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, and Joker. I don’t know why, but I just adore Harley and Joker’s relationship. It is creepy, often one-sided, and a little bit psychotic – OK, a lot psychotic. I cannot wait to see how it is portrayed in Suicide Squad this weekend.

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