Author: Patrick Hurst

Patrick Hurst

Studied film many moons ago and found myself working in TV ever since, I soon made it my mission to put my movie knowledge, industry experience, word skills, and all-round nerdiness to good use by starting up my own site and sending the love out there for the world to enjoy.
Of course, if there’s one thing the internet isn’t lacking, it’s opinions, and while I’m fully aware I’ve chosen a life of throwing my two pence worth down that murky well, I have always intended to do so in good faith.
My opinions are always honest and always my own, so while there are a million and one sites out there all shouting loudly for your clicks, I hope I can offer something unique, genuine, and heart-felt via Mama’s Geeky.
After years of writing under my own steam, I feel I’ve finally found the perfect home for my opinions and nerdish ramblings in Mama’s Geeky, and through my writing on this awesome site, I hope to spread that geeky goodness as much as humanly possible.