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Disney Summer Super Slaw

Incredibles 2: Powering the Hero Within with Delicious #Incredibles2 Recipes From Dole! | #DoleHero #DoleFamily

As you probably know by now, I have two young daughters. About a year ago, my husband and I decided it was time to get healthy. We wanted to be around for our daughters long into their lives. We cut out a lot of sweets and bad for you foods, and focused on healthy eating in our home. Because of this, we often purchase DOLE® fruits – which my girls love. They especially enjoy often seeing their favorite characters featured on the packaging (and yes, they keep those stickers as long as they can). This summer, DOLE® is teaming up with Pixar for an INCREDIBLE summer – “Powering The Hero Within” featuring Incredibles 2, a movie we can’t wait to see!

Disney INCREDIBLES 2 Bob Parr Parenting

3 Things Incredibles 2 Taught Me About Parenting | #Incredibles2 #Incredibles2Event

My family and I went to see Incredibles 2 this weekend. To say that Jack-Jack stole the show is probably an understatement. Don’t get me wrong, we loved the whole movie. The plot is great, a little bit predictable but that is to be expected. We all loved seeing the movie pick right back up where it left off 14 years ago. My daughters loved the introductions of some new Supers, and we all thought the action was fantastic. But as a mom, well, I learned a few things about parenting I needed to from the Parr family.

Disney Jack Jack Fire Powers Incredibles 2

Creating & Refining All of Baby Jack-Jack’s New Powers in Incredibles 2! | #Incredibles2Event #Incredibles2

I love Jack-Jack Parr – who doesn’t?! He is the cutest super hero baby with some pretty amazing powers. Speaking of his powers, we got a glimpse into them in the first Incredibles movie, and a little bit in the Incredibles 2 trailers. While at Pixar Studios in April, I got an in depth look at his new powers and how the animation team created them. So much work goes into creating things like this, you would have no idea. We must have watched twenty tests to see how his powers would come across on screen, and I am sure that was not all of them. 

Disney INCREDIBLES 2 Jack-Jack Monster Baby

Incredibles 2 Opens In Theaters Today – Get Your Coloring Pages to Celebrate! | #Incredibles2Event

The day is finally here guys! Incredibles 2 is in theaters! I cannot tell you how long I have been waiting for this movie. While at Pixar Studios I saw about 30 minutes of it and have been DYING to see the rest. This weekend I will be taking my daughters to go see it and I am so excited. Don’t worry, you know I will have a review up for you, so watch for that. In case you missed my coverage from Pixar, I have linked it all for you here. Plus, I have some pretty awesome downloadable coloring pages for you. And go see Incredibles 2 in theaters this weekend – I just know it will be amazing!

Disney Incredibles 2 giveaway

Win An Incredibles 2 Prize Pack Worth Over $100! | #Incredibles2 #Incredibles2Event

Incredibles fans have been waiting years (14 to be exact!) for Incredibles 2 to come out – and that time is finally here! As you probably know this past April I was visiting Pixar Studios to learn all about Incredibles 2! I saw so many behind the scenes things that really made me appreciate the work that goes in to an animated film like this. While there I also saw about 30 minutes of the movie and trust me, it is going to blow your mind! To help celebrate the release of Incredibles 2, The Hopping Bloggers have come together to bring our readers an Incredibles 2 prize pack worth over $100!


The Incredibles to Incredibles 2: An Interview with the Filmmakers | #Incredibles2Event #Incredibles2

One of my favorite meetings from my visit to Pixar Animation Studios, was chatting with Incredibles 2 Director Brad Bird as well as Producers Nicole Grindle and John Walker. I always enjoy hearing about the making of and behind the scenes information when it comes to movies, which made this trip was so special to me. In this interview we talked a lot about the time gap between The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 and what it meant for the film. Not only in regards to the plot, but in regards to constantly evolving technology and so much more.

Disney Incredibles 2 Art Review

Incredibles 2 Animation: From Creating the Literal World to Making An Action Scene | #Incredibles2Event

The process of making an animated film is arguably more complex than shooting a live action one. All of the sets, costumes, characters, etc, have to be created from scratch. If you see a vase holding a plant in the background of a scene, someone had to create that. They had to use an animation program and build that vase AND that plant. Not to mention all of the other little details such as making bricks look like bricks. As we see in Incredibles 2, animators had to create an entire city for the super battles to take place. From background things, to a high speed chase – we learned about the incredible (no pun intended) process!

Disney INCREDIBLES 2 Costumes

Costuming the Characters of Incredibles 2: Mid-Century Aesthetic & Lots of Hard Work | #Incredibles2Event

Did you know that when making an animated feature film, the crew has to create looks for every single background character? I guess I knew that, but I never thought much about how much work goes in to it. They have to design not only their clothes, but their hairstyles and body types. Of course, the main characters have to be styled as well. It could totally be argued that more work goes in to the costumes for animated films than live action films. While at Pixar, I was lucky enough to talk to the costume designers for Incredibles 2 and I learned so much about the whole process. 

Disney Pixar The Incredibles

A Tour of Pixar Animation Studios & The Pixar Archives to Prepare for Incredibles 2! | #Incredibles2Event

Incredibles 2 hits theaters in June and after heading to Pixar Animation Studios to learn all about it, I can pretty much guarantee it is going to be the movie of the summer. I was totally blown away by all the work that goes into creating an animated feature film. Stay tuned for all the details on that later, but right now I want to tell you guys all about my experience at Pixar Animation Studios. This place is amazing. I knew it would be surreal to step on to the campus, but I wasn’t prepared for all the emotions I would feel. And all the awesome things I would see.


UPDATED: I Am Heading To Pixar To Check Out Incredibles 2 + Interview Filmmakers! | #Incredibles2Event #Incredibles2

As you likely know by now, I have a thing for superheroes. They are kind of a major part of my life. So of course, The Incredibles is one of my favorite Pixar movies. I saw it theaters when it came out and when my husband and I honeymooned at Walt Disney World, we were so excited to meet Mr. and Mrs. Incredible. We had not met before this movie came out, but it was a favorite of each of ours before we even met. So when Incredibles 2 was announced a while back, we both starting counting the days until it’s release! Then something really exciting happened – Disney & Pixar invited me to check out Pixar in person, as well as some footage of Incredibles 2! The event takes place April 3rd to the 5th, so be sure to follow along with #Incredibles2Event.

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