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Can Captain Marvel Beat Thanos: What Do The Fans Think?

Now that Captain Marvel has been out in theaters for a few weeks, the question on everyone’s mind is can Carol Danvers beat Thanos? Fans of the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are at odds about this. Technically the writers and directors of the films can do whatever they want, regardless of what we have seen in the comics or what our opinions are. But I wanted to know what the fans thought, and I found some pretty hardcore ones to weigh in.

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Captain Marvel Inspired Recipes from DOLE®

Captain Marvel is taking the world by storm – rightfully so. Higher. Further. Faster. is Carol Danver’s motto, which she uses to encourage girls and women everywhere to be their best selves. I have two young daughters and I want more than anything to see them succeed in life. I also want them to be their healthiest selves, so I was thrilled when DOLE teamed up with Marvel for the Powering the Hero Within campaign. It is one of the many reasons we love their products.

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Captain Marvel Spoiler Review: What They Changed From The Comics (& Why It Worked)

I took my daughters to see Captain Marvel on opening night and the whole family loved it. I already wrote a spoiler free review, but now that the movie has been out a few days I am ready to get in to the spoilers with you. If you have not seen this movie or want to avoid Captain Marvel spoilers, bookmark this post for a later time. As a comic book reader I can tell you a lot of things were changed, but they all made sense to me in the end.

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Captain Marvel Is Not “Just A Girl”: My Spoiler Free Review

Last night I finally was able to see Captain Marvel in theaters. I felt like I had been waiting way too long to see it, probably because I was on the set a year ago. As a big fan of Carol Danvers in the comics, sure there were some changes. Two in particular upset me at first (but that is for another post), however it all came together and made sense in the end. This was the first Marvel movie my daughters, ages 6 and 7, saw in theaters, and now they are begging for more! We all really enjoyed the film, from beginning to end.

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Behind The Scenes: My Day On The Set of Captain Marvel | #CaptainMarvel

While I was in town for the Avengers: Infinity War World Premiere, I also got to do something amazing. The afternoon before the premiere we were brought to the set of Captain Marvel. Yes, CAPTAIN MARVEL! While there I got a behind the scenes look at so many things. I saw some of the props used, browsed the costume trailer, chatted with executive producer Jonathan Schwartz, and even watch a scene being filmed. I am pretty sure that my face was in a permasmile the entire day as I took it all in.

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Captain Marvel First Impressions Are IN! | #CaptainMarvel

Last night was the first press screenings of Captain Marvel. While I was on set last year, I am still uber jealous of those that have seen it already. I cannot wait to go higher, further, faster with Carol Danvers next month. You know I am going to bring my daughters with me so they can witness girl power at its finest. And those Skrulls man… cannot WAIT to see them kick some butt – and get their butts kicked! 


5 Reasons I Love Kelly Thompson’s Captain Marvel #1 | #CaptainMarvel

As you likely already know, Carol Danvers has been one of my favorite characters in Marvel comics for a very long time. And even though I did NOT agree with her stance in Civil War II, I still love her.  The Life of Captain Marvel comic run just ended and dropped a couple major bombs. Carol has been through a lot lately, and has learned things that will effect her for a very long time to come. Captain Marvel #1 just came out this week, and picked up her story right where it left off. I read this comic through 5 times yesterday because it is THAT good. And here is why.


5 Comic Books You Need to Read Before Seeing Captain Marvel

I have told you before I am sure, but Carol Danvers has been one of my favorite Marvel ladies for a long time. Back when she was Ms. Marvel, she was amazing, and I was hooked on her story lines. And then she became Captain Marvel, which was insanely cool. She is a total badass. Super strong. She can take down Iron Man guys. And HARD! With the Captain Marvel movie hitting theaters this March, all fans should be familiar with some story lines. Here are the five comic books that I recommend reading before you go see Captain Marvel.

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