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Renegade Nell Review: Exciting, Entertaining, & Witty

Renegade Nell is the perfect combination of action, comedy, and period drama, with a splash of magic & science fiction mixed in.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

Renegade Nell does a wonderful job of blending multiple genres, creating something that many viewers will connect with. First and foremost, it is a period drama, taking place in 18th century England and following a young woman named Nell Jackson (Louisa Harland) who is framed for murder. The series also features quite a bit of mystical, magical, witchery, which sometimes feels out of place, but all comes together in the end. This is what makes it as exciting and thrilling as it is at times.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

There is also a lot of action, as Nell does her best to clear her name, but is forced to partake in quite a few brawls along the way. Billy Bard (Nick Mohamad) is always by her side to help her when she needs it, as he is sworn to protect her – although he isn’t quite sure why, but he is certain she must be an important part of history. He is a small fairy that can shrink himself down to go inside of Nell in an effort to help her fight. This causes many to spread word that she fights as if she is possessed, which she basically is.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

Renegade Nell is also a bit of a comedy. There are some truly hilarious moments, especially when it comes to the banter between Nell and Charles Devereux (Frank Dillane). The two have a lot of great scenes together that stand out among the rest because of the chemistry between the actors. Both are quick on their toes, and both are genuinely fun to watch. So, it should come as no surprise that together they are the best part of the series.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

Nell is witty, brave, and willing to do just about anything to protect her family. Her relationship with her sisters is touching. Those viewers that have siblings will immediately relate to this, as it is genuine and heartfelt. They have their moments of bickering, but in the end, they will do anything for each other. Which is exactly what family is all about. Nell often takes on the role of the parent, causing her to have a complicated relationship with her sisters at times, but in the end they are the heart and soul of the series.

Renegade Nell is eight episodes long, varying in length but totaling under eight hours of television, especially when you consider the previously on and the credits. This is a quick and easy binge; however, it can be enjoyed spread out as well. There are no issues with the pacing as it does a great job of keeping things moving along with the action sequences and drama related to Nell trying to clear her name of false accusations.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

She is a Robin Hood of sorts, and while she does need to rob from the rich to survive, her plan is to take on those with wealth and power and stand up for what is right. No one dares go against them and she is sick of it. Especially since they are blaming her for something she didn’t do. This is where some great lessons and messages about political corruption come into play.

A series like this only works with a strong lead, and that is exactly what Harland is. She captures the essence of Nell beautifully right from the start. She is strong, even when she doesn’t have Billy’s help, and willing to put herself at risk for the benefit of others. Standing up for the right thing is what is most important to her, along with her family. Louisa has wonderful chemistry with everyone on the cast, no matter what their character’s relationship is to hers. This is what you need in a lead and she constantly delivers.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

When it comes to the supernatural stuff that is mixed into the story, things can get a bit weird sometimes. That said, theses are the more exhilarating plot points because you never know what is going to happen next. It can take some getting used to but in the end it all plays out perfectly. We cannot dive into details for fear of spoilers but just know that by the middle of the season this genre really works, adding a unique twist on the series.

The action choreography is done really well, making the fight sequences a whole lot of fun, especially since Nell is able to use unnatural strength while in her brawls — truly some edge of your seat moments. These, coupled with the drama surrounding the false accusations, make for pure entertainment.

Renegade Nell Disney+ Series Review

Renegade Nell is something viewers of all ages can enjoy, making the perfect choice for the next series you watch with your family. There is something in it for everyone. It is fun and witty, packed with action, and a thrilling period drama.

All eight episodes of Renegade Nell start streaming on Disney+ March 29th.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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About Renegade Nell

Nell Jackson, a quick-witted and courageous young woman finds herself framed for murder and unexpectedly becomes the most notorious outlaw in 18th-century England. But when a magical spirit called Billy Blind appears, Nell realizes her destiny is bigger than she ever imagined. 

All episodes of “Renegade Nell” will stream March 29, exclusively on Disney+.