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Dylan Sprouse & Virginia Gardner Talk Beautiful Wedding

Dylan Sprouse and Virginia Gardner discuss Beautiful Wedding, the sequel to Beautiful Disaster, and if there is more in store for these characters.

In Beautiful Wedding, Travis and Abby suddenly find themselves married after a wild night in Las Vegas. Now they musts decide if this is something they want to stick with, or if they are better off without each other.

We caught up with Dylan Sprouse (Travis) and Virginia Gardner (Abby) to discuss where there characters are in this second film, Beautiful Wedding. They also reveal how they found such great chemistry for the screen and what they were most looking forward to filming when they got the script.

Dylan Sprouse & Virginia Gardner Talk Beautiful Wedding

Dylan Sprouse & Virginia Gardner Talk Beautiful Wedding

Tessa Smith: How quickly after the first film did you start filming this one? Because they are coming out so close together.

Dylan Sprouse: We started filming this movie before the first one came out. So quickly back to back there, which was, which was interesting. I haven’t heard of that being done in a very long time in this industry.

Tessa Smith: How would you guys say your characters have evolved since the first film?

Virginia Gardner: I think for Abby, in movie one, she’s very much pushing Travis away, because she’s afraid of how much she likes him. And by the end of the film, she allows herself to trust and let him in and explore this relationship. And in movie two, they’re married. So now she wants to run away because she’s scared, but she’s legally bound to someone. So what happens when you’re between a rock and a hard place, and you have to face your fears? So that’s kind of what she’s going through and up to.

Dylan Sprouse: Yeah, I think that Travis, he needs to know when to pursue and try to make things work. And when it’s too much. I think he’s trying to figure out that line, and he doesn’t know it really himself. And he kind of subsequently ends up driving Abby away a little bit with his own passion, which I think is always something that he has liked about himself. But the growing pain is learning that that’s maybe not the same feeling that everyone else has about it. I think that that’s a learning curve for him in a positive way.

Tessa Smith: When you guys first got the script for this film, what were you most excited to film? 

Virginia Gardner: So many of them. I mean, there was so much fun stuff in this movie. I personally was excited to get in the ring with some Billina and do some of that stuff, which was so silly and wild. But it was certainly a very fun challenge for me. I really enjoyed that stuff.

Dylan Sprouse: I really liked the fighting scenes, myself. I’m not much of a dancer, but I do appreciate the choreography that comes along with actual fight scenes. And reading this one there kind of chaos on the beach scene fighting like ten people at a time. I thought that was gonna be a lot of fun. And it was. So this was towards the latter end of the movie and that was great time.

Dylan Sprouse & Virginia Gardner Talk Beautiful Wedding

Tessa Smith: You guys have great chemistry on screen. How did you find that?

Virginia Gardner: Well, you know, Dylan and I met many years ago, doing keg stands for the first time together at a frat party. So when you meet someone under those circumstances, I believe you’re bound for life. So we certainly have a very strong bond from that. And yeah, we were in Bulgaria for two months together, and then the Dominican Republic for two months together. So lots of time off, and lots of fun activities, and stuff on the weekend. So we certainly all developed a really great relationship with one another.

Dylan Sprouse: Yeah, likewise, it’s also like, it’s easy to be professional. I shouldn’t say that. It’s really easy to be friends and have a good chemistry if you’re just a pro. Just have fun on set. That’s all it really takes. So that kind of came easy to espouse, because we’ve been working in the industry for quite some time. 

Tessa Smith: Do you guys think there’s more story to tell with your characters?

Dylan Sprouse: I mean, there’s certainly plenty of books about it. I don’t know. That’s not as much up to us. We’re just but humble actors and actresses. We just go where we’re told. We were told and then they call action. I would think, even despite we’re not allowed to say, yeah, I think there’s more to tell for sure.

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About Beautiful Wedding

After a crazy night in Las Vegas, Abby and Travis wake up as accidental newlyweds, then travel to Mexico for an even wilder honeymoon. As chaos ensues, they must decide if they belong together, or if this marriage is a disaster waiting to happen.

Beautiful Wedding releases on digital and on demand February 13th.

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