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EXmas Movie Review: Completely & Utterly Charming

Exmas is a charming romantic comedy that is the perfect watch around the holidays. If you love a sweet Christmas movie, you will love this one!

EXmas movie review

Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester star in EXmas. Photo Credit: Paulina Stevens/Exmas Film Inc.

Tis the season for holiday films to get you in the right spirit! Who doesn’t love a Christmas themed romantic comedy? This is part of the reason that The Hallmark Channel is so popular this time of year. Well, if you are looking for what is sure to be the most charming and heartwarming holiday film of 2023, look no further, because EXmas delivers on all fronts.

Not only is it really funny, but it tugs at those heart strings and made this reviewer shed several tears. Sure, it is on the predictable side, but that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

EXmas movie review

Leighton Meester and Robbie Amell star in EXmas. Photo Credit: Paulina Stevens/Exmas Film Inc.

In EXmas, Graham decides to go home and surprise his family for the holidays, the only problem is they already invited his ex-fiancé when they thought he couldn’t make it. Now he is forced to celebrate Christmas with the girl that broke his heart. He schemes so that his parents will write her out of their lives, once and for all, making the holidays all that more interesting.

It should come as no surprise with lead actors like Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester that the chemistry is there — at their worst and at their best. They are so much fun to watch on screen, especially when they are throwing each other under the bus. 

EXmas movie review

(L to R) Robbie Amell, Michael Hitchcock, Kathryn Greenwood, and Leighton Meester star in EXmas. Photo Credit: Paulina Stevens/Exmas Film Inc.

The rest of the cast is incredible as well. The family has a special connection to Christmas, which is what makes celebrating it so important to them. As someone who grew up with large family gatherings around the holidays, this is easy to relate to. They also have quite a bit of disfunction at times, which is relatable as well. 

Both heart and humor surround the story, and not just when it comes to Graham and Ali. The connection that Graham has with his family is touching, and thanks to him trying very hard to get them to kick out his ex, quite funny too.

EXmas movie review

Robbie Amell and Leighton Meester star in EXmas. Photo Credit: Paulina Stevens/Exmas Film Inc.

As with most romantic comedies, EXmas is on the predictable side. That said, it is still a whole lot of fun. This reviewer was not expecting to be sobbing while watching, but ended up with tears streaming down her face towards the end. Amell and Meester make for fantastic leads, and clearly had a blast together while filming. 

EXmas is sure to be a hit holiday movie – it certainly has been added to our yearly rotation. It’s charming and fun, while also touching and heartwarming. Plus, that hint at a possible sequel at the end? Yes, please.

Rating:  4 out of 5

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EXmas movie poster

About EXmas

When Graham (Robbie Amell) decides to surprise his family by traveling home for Christmas, he is shocked to discover them already celebrating with an unexpected guest of honor, his ex-fiancée, Ali (Leighton Meester). The two exes battle it out to see who the family will pick to stay through Christmas Day and who must go. Let the holiday chaos begin!

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