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100+ Best The Flash Movie Quotes

Best The Flash Movie Quotes: Here is a collection of the best quotes from the 2023 movie, The Flash. Hilarious, heartwarming, and heartbreaking.

The Flash movie quotes

The Flash Movie Quotes

As always, we try to keep these as spoiler free as possible by not attaching names to the quotes, but as you go further down the list, the more spoilery the list can become.

Don’t keep me in suspense. 

Aren’t you blessed with a fast metabolism.

How many first thoughts did you have before you first thought of me?

Bruce, this is a huge mess. Why aren’t you here?

Thanks for saving me from the sinkhole, Flash.

I’ve come to accept that I’m essentially the janitor of the Justice League.

A baby…shower.

If my calculations are correct, and history will show that they are.

You’ve made me very proud, and lots of mothers very proud. 

You should seek the help of a licensed professional. The Justice League isn’t very good at that part yet. Trust me.

You are welcome. 

My ego is far too big to say your welcome to someone else. 

Was that fast enough for you?

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The Flash Movie Quotes Continued…

It’s probably easier for me to be in here, instead of out there. Without her. 

Not every problem has a solution. 

She’s gonna start singing. Run Barry. 

We always knew this was a longshot. 

It was none of those things. 

We got a backlog six months deep and you want us to move slower?

We didn’t know Barry had a friend. 

No one would want to believe their father killed their mother.

I have no official comment at this time. 

You need to stop worrying about your old man. 

It would be wildly irresponsible. 

These scares we have make us who we are. 

Don’t let your tragedy define you. 

I could save your parents. 

You have fancy friends. 

There’s gotta be a way to fix it, right?

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The Flash Movie Quotes Continued…

Don’t forget the tomatoes. 

Three lives ruined for a can of tomatoes. 

See you soon.
Please work.

Is that Barry? And he’s early? What universe is this?

You stole my face.

This is not trippy, this is catastrophic. 

It’s scary and I get bug splatter in my teeth all the time. 

How old are you? Like forty?

Promise me that meeting me isn’t going to screw up space time?

I am not getting struck by lightening.

It’s like I’ve never eaten anything before. 

A person would have to be an idiot to play craps with the space time continuum. 

I completely broke the universe.

Look at this cool shit. 

Time isn’t linear.

You changed the future. You changed the past. 

A hot mess. 

I don’t call myself super Batman. 


I almost died in an abyss. 

The cousins dinner!

You said certain things would be inevitable. 

You have no idea how lucky you are.

You use monkey as a dartboard!

She gives us monkey stuff all the time.

The Flash 2023 movie review

The Flash Movie Quotes Continued…

I’m not good with people. Even myself. 

I’m pretty obnoxious. I just get excited. 

How do you explain that besides fate?

I’m Batman. 

This may hurt. 

I had to move you. But I just did it a little. 

That’s where you keep Superman. 

I tried all the combinations. 

You didn’t tell me we could get shot!
Why would you assume we couldn’t?

Now we try not to die. 

Holy Funions. 

You should’ve seen that in slo-mo!

Clark is his human name. 

I was sent to protect him.

You’re solar powered. Good for you. 

A lot of humans are dicks. 

That pain made me who I am. Now sure you I am without it. 

Want some help?

The point is for me not to be protected. 

Let’s get electrocuted. 

This is gonna work, right?

For the record, I think this is insane.

The Flash 2023 movie review

The Flash Movie Quotes Continued…

I’ve got you. 

This time we have Batman. 

And what are we wearing tonight?

I’m glad you’re ok.

Why did you help me?
Because you needed help. 

We area people of hope, not war. 

Zod may be from Krypton, but he is not my people. 

Interesting combination. 

What are we called again?

You wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts. 

Our kids are gonna want to see this. 

They don’t know we’re on their side. 

We’ve been waiting for you.

They’re fast.
But not as fast as us.

What did you do?!

The Flash 2023 movie review

The Flash Movie Quotes Continued…

The infant did not survive. What if I Emperor this guy?

You’re ready. 

I’m going down. But I’m not going down alone.

We can go back. Like you did. 

Do you know what you’re gonna change? I know what I’m gonna change. 

Can we please just take a minute?

Maybe some other time. 

Did you just stand here the whole time?

I am The Flash. 

Sometimes we just have to let go. 

I’ve lived more than you can dream. 

We are so close. 

How do you like our endless paradox?

My son goes nuts for it. 

Do you want a hug?

I’m very lucky to have her.

Moms like to hear those kinds of things.

I loved you first.

You should ask me to dinner. 

I like right here. 

More beer. Go fast.

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Worlds collide when the Flash uses his superpowers to travel back in time to change the events of the past. However, when his attempt to save his family inadvertently alters the future, he becomes trapped in a reality in which General Zod has returned, threatening annihilation.

With no other superheroes to turn to, the Flash looks to coax a very different Batman out of retirement and rescue an imprisoned Kryptonian — albeit not the one he’s looking for.

The Flash comes to theaters June 16th.