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Cocaine Bear Is A Wild Ride Filled With Fun and Gore

Cocaine Bear is a dark comedy that is filled with blood, gore, and ridiculous humor. The most fun you’ll have at the movies in a long while!

cocaine bear movie review


Just look at the title, Cocaine Bear, and you know that this movie has to not take itself seriously for it to work. Luckily, it leans in fully to the crazy and the wild and delivers a truly bonkers movie that sure to be the most fun anyone will have in a theater all year. The surprising thing is, the story itself? It really isn’t awful. In fact, it’s quite entertaining. 

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to go into Cocaine Bear with the right mindset. This movie is filled with over the top gore, dark and twisted humor, and a story that if you didn’t KNOW it was based on real life, you would never guess it.

Cocaine Bear clocks in at just around ninety minutes, which is part of why it works so well. It is stupid, silly, fun, and downright crazy. It is exactly what you would expect from the title and synopsis, don’t expect anything more.

cocaine bear movie review


The Story Is… Not Awful

A drug dealer drops cocaine out of a crashing plane over a forest in Tennessee, which ultimately ends up getting discovered by a bear that develops a nasty drug habit. It just so happens that very same day two young kids decide to skip school and they also discover the nose candy.

Then, on top of that, a group of three delinquent children who are always giving the Park Ranger a hard time find it as well. What culminates is three groups of people, moving through the park looking for cocaine and/or missing children and/or drugs.

cocaine bear movie review

Margo Martindale plays Ranger Liz, who has quite the crush on Peter (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), the park safety man. The two of them are hilarious together. Some of the one liners dropped in these conversations are great, especially once Sari (Keri Russell) joins them as she is looking for her daughter Dee Dee (Brooklynn Prince). 

Eddie (Alden Ehrenreich) and Daveed (O’Shea Jackson Jr.) bring the heart to the story, even if they are working under drug kingpin Syd (Ray Liotta). Eddie’s wife recently died and the two are tasked with collecting the dumped cocaine. They have to work with one of the three punks, played by Aaron Holliday, to find the drugs, and this threesome is probably the most hilarious of the film. 

cocaine bear movie review

Dee Dee’s best friend Henry (Christian Convery) who skipped school with her gets a lot of moments to shine. Which is great because this kid is great at delivering comedy. 

I could go on and on about how great this cast is at bringing humor during key moments to offset the truly ridiculous things that are happening, but lets just say they all work extremely well together and it is so much fun to see them clearly having a blast.

cocaine bear movie review

It’s Not Perfect… But It’s FUN!

Here’s the thing… is this movie perfect? Absolutely not. The CGI is not great, which almost feels on purpose. It matches the tone of the movie to be off at times. That isn’t to say it is atrocious because honestly, I have seen far worse fake animals brought to the screen. Just don’t go in expecting perfect effects, because you won’t get it. 

The thing that I love most about this movie is it starts off wild. It’s crazy and insane and you are like ok, I am buckled in, let’s go.. and then it never slows down. Every scene raises it to the next level of bonkers. 


If you know me, you know I am a fan of blood and gore when worked into a story correctly and since this is about a bear that does a ton of drugs, this is perfect time to go balls to the wall — and they do. There are limbs being pulled off, entrails hanging out, and just a grand old time for those who like a little blood in their movies.

cocaine bear movie review


Overall Thoughts

Cocaine Bear is one of the movies that we highly recommend checking out in theaters. It deserves to be seen with a group of strangers who also have no idea what to expect around each corner. Get loud — laugh, scream, and cheer. That is exactly what Cocaine Bear was made to do.

It should evoke all of these feelings inside and let you go to the movies and have a good time. Release the stress, turn off your brain, and just laugh. We could all use some more of that in our lives, and here is the chance to get it.

It’s bonkers, it’s crazy, it’s insane.. and it’s a bloody good time. 

This movie is so my jam that in my heart of hearts I wanted to give it a 5/5. However, I needed to roll things back a bit and look at the missteps. This film is BONKERS and filled with blood, gore, and a story that honestly, isn’t that bad. Cocaine Bear is exactly what I expected, even better.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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Cocaine Bear movie poster

About Cocaine Bear

Inspired by the 1985 true story of a drug runner’s plane crash, missing cocaine, and the black bear that ate it, this wild dark comedy finds an oddball group of cops, criminals, tourists and teens converging in a Georgia forest where a 500- pound apex predator has ingested a staggering amount of cocaine and gone on a coke-fueled rampage for more blow … and blood.

Cocaine Bear hits theaters on February 24th.