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How Kids Keep The Hyperspace Lounge Running On The Disney Wish

The Disney Wish deck plan is laid out so that the kids in the Oceaneer Club’s Cargo Bay have a key role in keeping the Hyperspace Lounge running.

disney wish hyperspace lounge

How Kids Keep The Hyperspace Lounge Running On The Disney Wish

The Disney Wish is the latest addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet. When we say they thought of everything on this ship, they really thought of everything. Disney is always amazing when it comes to even the tiniest little details, and Star Wars fans will love what imagineers came up with in regards to the tie in of the Star Wars Cargo Bay and the Hyperspace Lounge.

The biggest thing about the Disney Wish is that it ties together Star Wars, Marvel, and Disney. For the first time ever the ship includes things from all of these fandoms. The planners were sure to pull out all the stops when it comes to this ship, and it does not disappoint.

Disney Wish Oceaneer Club & Lab Photo & Video Tour

When creating the layout of the ship, imagineers put the Cargo Bay, the Star Wars themed room in the Oceaneer’s Club, directly below the Hyperspace Lounge. The lounge is where adults (before 9pm it is open to all ages) can drink the night away with Star Wars themed beverages. In the Cargo Bay, children work tirelessly to take care of rare species of animals, and keep things running. 

This room is made to look like the grittier side of Star Wars. The children are literally toiling away to make sure things run smoothly, while the adults enjoy their time in the fancy bar that is the Hyperspace Lounge. This was done completely on purpose, and is a fun fact of the Disney Wish!

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