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Encanto: The Most Magical Disney Animated Film In Years

Encanto is the 60th Disney Animated Feature film that brings to life a whole new world for Disney fans to come enjoy, explore, and be introduced to some of the best Disney Characters yet.

Disney Encanto family

Disney’s Encanto is a movie that truly never had trailers that hooked me. Yes they were colorful, yes the animation was beautiful, and of course YES Lin-Manuel Miranda helped write the film… but even then I couldn’t find myself getting as excited as I was for Disney’s last animated film Raya and The Last Dragon. Thankfully this film hit my heart strings and knotted them all together to pour a smile on my face, laughter in my voice, and walk out thinking OH MY GOD. You will leave wanting to sing, dance, and of course hug your family. But what made me feel this way?

Starting with the Pros most people would of course assume that having Lin-Manuel Miranda a part of the film would bring amazing music and that is about right. Something that I was very impressed by was to see that Miranda doesn’t just stick to his usual rapping lyrics that he pours into his music. In here you get glimpses of an evolved Miranda that shows how much his skills have truly elevated through his career.

Mixing the best of both and being different from his previous Disney Adventure Moana. Adding in you can tell his touch on the screenplay alongside Jared Bush and Charise Smith that really added a special touch to the entire story. It goes to show that no matter what Miranda touches he can make something for anyone.

Take my sister for example, she joined me at the early screening of Encanto. She isn’t the biggest fan of Miranda’s work but we walked out and she turned to me and said ‘WOW”. I think this goes to show how great Encanto is from its music to even its story, because as amazing as the music is…. The story might be the best aspect of it all.

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The story here takes a different journey than most Disney animated films. As for many, we go on this grand big adventure to so many locations and in Encanto…. The film takes place all inside their house. This is a risk in many ways but one that pays off. Diving deep into this family’s struggles, the differences they all have, and how our main character Mirabel is in a way the outcast of the family.

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Every Family member in Encanto has a special power given to them at a very young age but for Mirabel… she was the only one not given this. Parts of her family look down on her and even blame her for things she can’t control. This element of the story works wonders as I know many of us have felt this way before and in a sense may even know someone in our family like this. This is why Encanto remains one of the best animated films in AWHILE to touch on Family.

encanto house madrigal

The message and themes here show that families who stay together are stronger together. Using their Encanto to be a big symbolic meaning for this all. Throughout the story The house they live in that granted them these powers is starting to crumble.. But so is the family. This all correlates together in a magical and special mystery that I loved finding out along the way. It’s all brought together so seamless that I had fun being in Mirabel’s shoes trying to figure out how we can fix this.

Now I mentioned the Family in Encanto and MAN OH MAN each one stands out in such a unique way. While it may be a bit confusing trying to piece together who is who and how they’re related at first.. It feels so real compared to going to a giant family reunion. You will all walk out with a favorite and for me I walked out with so many.

Adding in I loved seeing how each family member’s powers worked and may even evolve throughout the entire story… but at the heart of it all is Mirabel played wonderfully by Stephanie Beatriz. Beatriz has been a name most associated with Brooklynn 99 and her voice talents here truly stick out in such a grand way. Giving us a new character to cheer for and absolutely adore. I already know families will be freaking out about her when she comes to the Disney Parks eventually.

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stephanie beatriz encanto


I haven’t even gotten to touch on how special the animation is here. The fact that Disney is able to create this magical house, with this special family, and keep the story all in one setting but make it fascinating is incredible. It is really rare when an animated movie is able to do this but Encanto does and more. Each little magical element that the house does or the way it may react to the family just puts a huge smile on my face.

I was blown away with the mythology of the house as well and the exploration of it. The house is truly more than meets the eye and it truly had my eyes wide open while watching the entire film. Plus having the film set in a fantasy version of Colombia is a great way to bring a piece of culture to many who haven’t been able to experience it as well. Making this the PERFECT FILM to see this Thanksgiving. It’s truly the celebration of family, friends, and loved ones.

Encanto is the most magical film Disney Animation has made in some time. It might all take place in one area, but that doesn’t detour from the wonderful experience you get here. With wonderful music that whisks you off your feet, to beats that make you smile, jokes that make you laugh, and a relatable message on family that will make even the most cold hearted person feel something warm in their heart.

This is a celebration of culture that we haven’t seen in a Disney film yet and truly a great film to see with the family. Being someone who wasn’t a big fan of the trailers, I was pleasantly surprised to find ENCANTO to be the big film that any studio would want for their 60th feature. Look out world the Madrigal Family is coming out in full swing to win all of you over!

Grade: A-

encanto casa madrigal

About Encanto

The Madrigals are an extraordinary family who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a charmed place called the Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift — every child except Mirabel. However, she soon may be the Madrigal’s last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is now in danger.

Encanto hits theaters on November 24th.